Oh, Dougie!

Hi Everyone

Yesterday morning, my hubby Doug, came in from bringing the trash cans in and started wobbling to the left. He had an aspirin and then we went to Kaiser and after several hours in the ER at Kaiser here in Fresno, they did an MRI and found that he had a small stroke in the cortex of his brain that has left his left side weak. He had blood pressures over 202 when he came in and they went down to 177 at the lowest, which is very dangerous. This is due to his diabetes and high blood pressure. He has been admitted and will be there for 48 hours. He will need physical therapy for a while. I stayed with him until about 730 and came home and had a restless night. After all, we have been together for 36 years and hardly slept apart from each other. I called at 3 am this morning and talked to the nurse and they told me that he was stable and wanted to know why I was awake.

I called the nurses’ station again this morning at 7 and they had him sitting at the side of the bed and moving around a little. He said that he was feeling a little stronger and better. That is a big relief for me as it is hard to see a strong vital man like him look so weak. I am going up there this morning and will be with him most of the day.

If you need to reach me, my cell phone number is 559-224-248-6524, but please call my daughter Kathy at 559-230-7602 as I will keep her updated during the day. I am too tired to talk at the moment.

We would love to have visitors and he is at Kaiser Permanente Hospital on Fresno Street, 4th Floor, Room 440. Please no plants or flowers, we both have allergies, and no baked goodies or sweets as he has diabetes. A card, hugs and prayers are all we need.

Thank you all! Love Donna

UPDATE: Doug will be going to acute physical therapy for 2-3 weeks either tomorrow or Monday. He is getting a little stronger and really wants to come home for therapy, but our house is too small and my health is not that good and I don’t think I can take care of him properly. This way we can learn new habits, eating and physical therapy before he comes home. Kathy and An will be helping out also. He can push but is not as strong as he used to be but with physical therapy that will improve. Thankfully it was a small stroke and his muscles can relearn. It’s like the neurons have been stunned and they need time to bounce back so it is reversible. It is a big wake up call for both of us. Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.

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Quilters’ Paradise Parking Lot Sale

Date: Sunday, April 9, 2017 

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Stroll our parking lot for a great selection of quilting items, jewelry, crafts and handmade gifts.

Gerry and I will be there and have a lot of handmade items to sell. I have several boxes full of fabric, patterns and other goodies that need a new home at low prices. Hope you will stop by and look around.

Quilters’ Paradise
339 Pollasky Avenue
Clovis, CA 93612

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Just in time for Easter! We have 2 blocks for March. The first one is a very pretty applique flower wreath pattern and the other one is Peter Rabbit block that would make a cute Easter table runner. You can find both of them at Craftsy.com and are free. Here are the links:

I will post a picture of mine later this week.

Remember, you need to sign in to Craftsy.com to download the pattern and it is free.

Please remember to post pictures of your creations, we love it when you share!

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PLEASE READ! The mystery quilt, In My Garden, is being postponed for a while. My husband suffered a mini stroke yesterday and will be going to rehab for a few weeks and I need to focus on him for now. My apologies but he comes first right now.

Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been online much lately but I have an infection in my parotid gland (salivary) and am in a lot of pain lately and am on antibiotics that are making me a little loopy.

But never fear, I am still here and am designing our new Mystery Quilt, In My Garden. I will be launching this on March 14 (my 60th birthday). This will be a row by row quilt and will be partially applique and piecing. No paper piecing, I promise! So find some white and/or cream, some red, blue, yellow and primary colors for the first row. The blocks will be 10 inches square and there will be 6 blocks. Patterns will be available on March 14 in a pdf format. If you want to follow along, just email me and I will send the patterns to your email. See you on March 14!

My email is luv2cutfab@gmail.com.


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ROUND ROBIN 2017 A quilt made by fellow quilters.



HOW TO SIGN UP: Please sign up by emailing me at luv2cutfab@gmail.com with RR2017 in the subject line, your name, address, phone number, and email. When the swap is filled, then I will PM everyone along with a list. You will be always sending to the same person until finished. The list will be posted after the swap closes.

SIGN UP DEADLINE: February 28, 2017


WHAT IS A ROUND ROBIN? A round robin is usually a 12 inch block that is sent to a set number of people who then take turns adding borders to the block. It is then sent back to the owner as a finished top. This is a chance to be creative by using different techniques, such as borders, blocks, appliqué, etc.

DUE DATE FOR BORDERS: To be announced after we have at least 5-7 signups. From there on, quilt tops will be due on the first of the month and you will have two (2) months to complete your round. Hopefully, the tops will be finished within a year but do understand that things do happen that can delay it. When you finish your center block, please post a picture as we love to share and also for insurance reasons in case of problems.

1. Each quilt top should start with a 12.5 square block. It can be any style or color you would like, it’s your choice. Please include scraps and a vision of what you want to see your top become. Please include a journal for others to write in as it is fun to see where it has traveled and its transformation. Please post photos as we go along.

2. It is up to the person receiving the top to decide on an appropriate border to go around the center block. Please make sure that it complements the colors the maker has chosen and styles that will match. There will be as many rounds as there are players so that everyone has a chance to create.

3. When sending the quilt top along, please make sure that it is INSURED AND THAT THERE IS TRACKING ON THE PACKAGE, as we don’t want anything to happen to our creations. Also make sure it is Flat rate shipping. Please send on the first of the month. MAKE SURE THAT YOU POST TO THE GROUP YOUR TRACKING NUMBER, YOUR NAME, WHO IT WAS SENT TO, AND DATE SENT.

4. If you find that you are having problems keeping up with the rounds, please let me know so that we can help you keep up. If we do have problems, the date can be pushed back to help, but you have to let me know ASAP! Remember, we cannot help you unless you ask for help. IF YOU BACK OUT OR DROP OUT AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAP, OR DO NOT RESPOND WHEN CONTACTED AFTER 3 ATTEMPTS, AND WITHOUT LETTING ME OR ANYONE ELSE KNOW, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM SWAPPING!

5. Please keep pets and smoking to a minimum as we do have members that have allergies. Use only good quality cotton and your best sewing techniques. Be creative and have fun with the quilt but make sure that it complements the quilt.

This is one that I did a few years ago.

Thank you for playing along!s6301181

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Solistice Challenge Blocks


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