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You’re just in time for a brand new mystery for Valentine’s Day and I am excited to have you here with me on this fun journey!   I am so excited about this quilt mystery!  This is totally my own design based on some easy free patterns that I have adapted for this quilt.  The quilt is very easy to do and has simple piecing and just a little appliqué for the borders.  The quilt should measure about 43 x 47 and will have 16 blocks measuring 9 inch blocks.

I would post a picture of the quilt, but as it is not finished yet, we will have to wait.  But here is a list of what you will need:

Two different white prints, 1/2 yard each

Assorted red and pink prints, 1/2 yard each or use stash scraps, plus extra for the border blocks

Green light-medium, 1/2 yard for appliqué on borders

Red or deep pink, 1/2 yard for appliqué on borders

Dark red for the inner border, 3/4 yards

Outer border for appliqué, not sure what color yet

Fusible webbing, paper-backed for appliqué

I will post links to the free patterns as we go along, mostly from quilterscache.   I will also post step by step pictures as we go along for the cutting but not for the sewing, and will have pictures of the before block and finished block.  Block patterns may be subject to change as we go along, as this is my first attempt at designing a mystery quilt, and want to allow for errors that may occur as we go along.  All I ask for is a little patience with me.

 As you can see, I’m going completely scrappy with this quilt that has anything to do with Valentines such as hearts, flowers, etc.  My goal, for me at least, is to use up as much scrap fabric up from noodles to FQ.   Of course, please feel free to do as you want, but me, I really love the feeling of FINALLY using up bits and pieces that take up space.  And by using them they turn into some of the prettiest quilts ever as they are so scrappy!   Not to mention, it frees up some space in my bins for even more scraps!

The pictures below all have to do with Valentine’s Day in one way or another, from hearts to lips and even Snoopy.  As you can see there is a good range of reds, pinks, lights and some darks.   You will still need your white for background but just a hint:  Some of the background will be red while the other is in white, just like a mirror image or a photo negative.  You’ll get the idea once the patterns come up.   Don’t forget your light to medium green and a solid or small print of deep pink or red for the appliqué, but that will be added on after the blocks are made.

Here are my choices.  Hopefully I will use up most of it as we go along.  I haven’t weeded through all of it yet, and matched it up to see if they play well together yet, but with a scrappy quilt and small pieces, more than likely it will turn out great! 

Now that you have an idea of what to use, have fun stash diving while I get the first block ready.

This is the first block for the quilt and is called a Striped Heart.  It measures 9.5 squared when finished with a border.  Without the border it is 8 inches.  I’m sewing the border on in advance as part of the block itself to coordinate with sashing in between the blocks.  You’ll see as we go along.

Fabric Requirements for this block.  As I said earlier, this can be used with either FQ, yardage or just plain scraps.  I’m using scraps as I believe in using what I have before the scraps take over my sewing room!  I actually used 4 different 6 inch charms and have enough left over for another block, so it doesn’t use much fabric at all.   You will need 4 different red or pink prints for this block.  Here are my choices:

White Fabric, tone or WOW 

4 7/8 x 4 7/8 inch (1) Cut into triangle.  You will use this with Red or Pink Print #1.

2 x 2 inch squared (4)

Red or Pink Print #1    4 7/8 x 4 7/8 (1) Cut into triangle

Red or Pink Print #2    4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches (2)   You will use with #3.

Red or Pink Print #3    4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches (2)    You will use with #2.

Red or Pink Print #4    4 1/2 x 2 inches   These will become your flying geese units with the four from the white fabric.

Just to let you know, the pattern I was using must of have been written and then translated from another language as I had a lot of problems understanding the pattern, so I am rewriting so it’s a little easier to follow.   I also am a visual learner and believe that pictures can tell you more than words can, so my instructions are usually brief and to the point.  In advance, I should let you know it’s easier for me to just go ahead and do the pattern than it is for me to write it, so please be patient with me!    Thank you in advance.

STEP ONE AND TWO:   I combined both steps to make it easier (and I also forgot to take a picture).   Now that we have our fabric chosen and cut, we can get started on the actual sewing. As you can see from the unfinished block, it goes together fairly quickly (once you understand the original directions).   Believe me; I had to do a little frogging to get this done before I was happy with it.  This is a sample block, so please do not judge my work from my sample.  I actually can sew straight!  LOL!!

As you can see above, you will need your red #2 and red #3 pieces.  Sew one red to the other red and repeat.  Then sew both units together.  Doesn’t matter which way as it will work out.

STEP THREE:  This has a few more steps than the first but if you can do a flying geese, you will be okay.

STEP #4:  Now sew the 2 flying geese together and then sew to the top of the block.

STEP #5:   Now take the triangles; sew them together to form 2 squares.

And place them so:

STEP 6:  Then sew together the 2 blocks, and then attach to the bottom part of the block, and you have your first block done!  That is, if you decide to do the border later.  Personally, I like doing the border at the same time.

And here is the finished block!

For the borders, I used 1.5 inch strips, two were 8.5 inches for the top and bottom, and the other two were 10 inches for the sides, making a very simple but pretty frame for this block.

You will need 4 of these blocks in different reds and whites.

Free heart pattern that is very easy to do.  You will need 4 blocks with 1.5 inch borders going around it when the block is finished.  The block without the border will be 8.5 inches, with the border; it will measure at 9.5 unfinished. Here is the link:  http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art19163.asp and is called Heart Piece Quilt Block.

I made the block and found it to be very easy, but here are my instructions.  Unbelievable how fast it is to do and a lot of fun.  If you looked at the pattern on the website, it looked as though they were doing just one color and then the WOW.  Well, just for fun, I went ahead and did the top part of the heart in a contrasting color and the bottom part in a matching fabric.  You can do it either way.  You will need 4 blocks.

Here is the unfinished block:

These are the fabrics that I chose, but you can do it either one color or 2 different colors.  Be creative.   With the exception of a few pieces of yardage (I have limited Valentine fabric) I used mostly just scraps.

Here are the measurements that you will need:   This is if you are using 2 different reds or prints.  Otherwise, skip the second fabric and use.

Fabric 1 Red or Print:  You will need 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles. (2)

Fabric 2 Red or Print:  You will need 6.5 x 8.5 inches rectangle.  (1)

White or background fabric:  You will need 2.5 squares.  (4)  And 4.5 inch squares (2)

Border:  You will need coordinating strips of 1.5 inches in length cut at 8.5 inches and 9.5 inches.  (Two each).  Not in picture.

Step 1:

With the four 2.5 inch WOW pieces, and the 2 Red #1 pieces, make 2 flying geese units:

Now sew them together to make the top part of the heart:

Take the large Fabric Red #2


and iron the centers of the WOW into triangles.  I use the iron as a guide rather than marking the fabric.  Then place them as shown above and sew:

Then trim off the excess.  Sew the top to the bottom and you have your heart!

If you’re doing the border as you go along, and then add to all sides, 8.5 x 1.2 inch for the bottom and 9.5 x 1.5 inch for the sides and you’re done.

Very simple and pretty!

Instead of duplicating the block and I’m having trouble finding easy patterns that go together so quickly without having to do paper piecing or appliqué, we will use a simple alternate block.   We will make four 9-patch at the size of 9 inches, your choice of colors that will coordinate with the other blocks.   This will help offset the hearts and make them POP! 

Sew; here is the Happy Hearts Block with my instructions: http://www.projectlinus.org/patterns/pdf/hhblock.pdf

The unfinished block at 9.5 inches.  Remember the same border measurements for the other 2 blocks:

These are the fabrics I chose for this block: 


Fabric Requirements: 

White:  You will need (4) 2.5 inch squares, and (1) 4 inch square.   I know that the pattern says 3 7/8 inch squared, but I prefer to 4 inch and then trim down afterwards.  Hard for me to see the 7/8 inch measurement on the ruler!  

Red or Pink #1:  You will need (2) 3.5 inch squares

Red or Pink #2:  You will need (2) 3.5 inch squares

Step #1: 

Time to make more of the flying geese! 

Step #2:  This is a little trickier.  Nah, not really!  Take #2 red and the white, place right sides together, and draw 2 lines diagonally.   Sew on both of the lines and then after sewing, cut down the middle, like so:


Sorry that the line is so light, but you get the idea.  If you want more detailed instructions, please refer to the link listed above.   I like to simplify my instructions. 

Then,  press open, and trim, sew together as below.

Step #3:   Sew the top and bottom together.

And here is the block without the border.

Now add the borders, you will need coordinating colors, 2 strips of 8.5 and 2 strips of 10.5.

And here is the finished block! 

Block #4:  

You will need to make four 9 inch 9 patches. 

This will give us a total of 16 blocks. Just a hint, since this quilt is designed to use up scraps, make sure you save your small pieces, but no smaller than 2 inches squared.  Just a little suspense……..

I wanted to address a couple of questions.  For the size of the blocks, you will need 16 blocks unfinished at 9.5 inches.  I made a mistake in the link last night (forgive me, I was a little tired).  The second link is the one you want to use, and that will give you the right size.   If you went ahead and made the extra blocks before I posted the update last night, don’t worry.  I’m giving a couple of alternatives here.  If you feel that the 9-patch is not going to work, then you can use them as setting blocks for the border, or you can use the extra blocks as a setting block.  Completely up to you.  Be a little creative!  Either way, they will be used.

  1. Remember the fusible webbing and the green and red/pink fabric?  Get those ready.  You will want a nice medium cream colored fabric.  This will be the inner border.  We will be doing some simple appliqué.  This is where the extra blocks will come in to play.  As soon as I remember where I placed the pattern, I will post the link. The size for the border will be 3.5 inches wide to allow for the appliqué.  Go ahead and measure and get that ready. We will do the appliqué in a bit.
  2. If you were using from stash like me, cutting down from squares or bits and pieces, SAVE them.  We are going to use them for the outer borders.  You don’t need anything smaller than 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  You will need 4 of these strips.  Since the blocks already have borders around them, you will not need sashing. This should measure as a 2.5 inch outer border.  Once you have the inner border measured, then measure this to fit.  BUT DON’T SEW THE INNER BORDER OR THE OUTER BORDER ON YET.  We still have the appliqué to do FIRST!  

I have been searching for that appliqué pattern and still cannot find it.  Sew, instead, I drew it.  I’m not the greatest at drawing, and my cat, Bandit, decided that he wanted to help by walking across my desk every time I tried to draw it.  I was going to do a single rose rambling along the inner borders but decided I liked this better.  I did a heart flower with 1 leaf on either side.  This is just a rough drawing, so please feel free to use it as you wish or if you want, you can draw your own.  As for enlarging the pattern for you, I’m not sure how to enable that on my computer for you, but feel free to modify it or copy it.  It’s just a rough idea and I know there are a lot of clever quilters out there that can figure it out.


Instructions:  You will need your fusible webbing, green fabric, and pink/red fabric, enough to make 8 of each unit.  If you prefer, you can use some of your leftover material to do the flower. There will be 2 of each set on the four inner borders.  I will leave it to you for placement, but what I’m thinking is one up and one down, each facing the setting block on the inner border.  I hope this makes sense, as soon as I get mine together, I will post it.  I have attached my rough drawing for you to view.

Now that you have your inner and outer borders started, go ahead and do the appliqué for the outer borders.  I will leave it to you as to placement.  Once that is taken care of, put on your outer border and you will have the top finished!   I will be posting pictures here fairly soon of what I have done but it may be a bit before I get to the appliqué.

Thank you for joining us!  


Talking about deadlines….

Amazing how a few minutes in time can change your plans for the day. Just found out that my Dad is going to remain in skilled nursing for now and probably will not be going to assisted living, at least not for a while. I am not really surprised by this but at the same time, it’s a shock as he is 92 years old, was in good health and being on his own for so long in his own home. Just brings home the fact that he is getting older and I’m not ready to face that fact just yet. He has never seemed old to me, but always busy, full of life and doing as he pleased.

Was planning to sew today but may put it off until tomorrow. On the bright side, Annalee and Sam came over and helped make banana nut bread with pecans. Sam is my official banana masher and Annalee is learning how to measure ingredients. We had a good time and plan to have some bread after a while.

Maybe I will put a movie in and sort fabric.


Hello Everyone!

My apologies for dropping the ball on the Mystery Quilt or Donna’s Delight.  My eyes have been a mess and I haven’t been able to read much less sew for the past week. On a positive note, I will be posting directions for the first block tomorrow, April 10.


Thank you for understanding!

I will be posting the patterns later this afternoon.

Estimated fabric needed: 
Blue, dark 1 yard
Blue, light 1 yard
Gold, 1/2 yard
Green, dark 1 yard
Rust (red-orange) 1 yard
Cream or off white for background 2 yards
Five coordinating small prints FQ, your choice
Black 1/2 yard

I am overestimating the amount you may need as sometimes a block doesn’t always work out right and I would rather have too much than too little to work with. Have fun shopping!

First clue will be posted on March 31, cutting instructions for the first block.   

March 31, 2018

Believe it or  not, I do not have a quilt big enough for our bed, and I have made a lot of quilts over the years, mainly for charity or as gifts.   This will be a fairly large quilt, not sure of size yet, but probably a queen sized.   Hence, the name change of the mystery to Donna’s Delight!  The blocks are fairly simple, but the way they go together is going to be awesome.  All the blocks can be found on public domain and I will provide links to tutorials as needed.


3 INCH BLOCKS:  1.5  inches.  Remember. to calculate, just divide your finished block size (say 6 inches) by 3 and then add 1.5 inch for your seam allowance.  This is because you have 3 equal squares across the block.

Now, on to the first section.  There will be 48 blocks total, with 12 blocks having the same center block, 12 having different centers, and so on.  Let’s start with the first set of centers, a simple Pinwheel. 

PINWHEEL BLOCK:  You will need to make 12 3.5 inch pinwheel blocks.  Using cream/white, dark green, rust, and dark blue, make 4 pinwheel blocks from each color.    Here is a link on how to make super easy pinwheels on youtube.com.  Missouri Star Quilts puts out a great tutorial that is very fast and easy.  I will be posting mine soon as I can get my camera working.

Here are my 12 Pinwheel Blocks.  I decided to go with red instead of rust, much richer color that matches well with the green and blue.

LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekYpJzHoW6E&t=20s

Now that you have your pinwheels made, set them aside.  These will be used later.

SQUARE IN A SQUARE BLOCKS:  Using your FQ with the small prints, make 12 3.5 inch blocks.  Here is a tutorial available showing how to make the block 2 different ways,  you can choose which is easiest for you.  Once you are done, they can be put aside.

I will be out of town this weekend, and plan to have the next clue ready for you next Tuesday, April 17.

If you are wondering why the blocks are being put aside, they will be used as centers for other blocks to come.

Best laid plans.  This has been a very busy and tiring week.  Spent most of the weekend cleaning out my dad’s trailer and then bringing some of it home and going through it yet again.  The third clue will be posted on Saturday, April 22.


Here is a video showing how to make 8 half square triangles all at once.   You will need 48 half square triangles, using your rust, green, blue and cream fabrics.  You will also need contrasting colors for the center of the block.  You will also need 48 cream/white squares for the corners.  Make 4 from  each color.  Set aside.

OR:  This video is helpful also:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cVlL5E3EBM.  Just copy and paste into your browser to watch.


SIZE CHART FOR CUTTING:  3 INCH BLOCKS:  1.5  inches.  Remember. to calculate, just divide your finished block size (say 6 inches) by 3 and then add 1.5 inch for your seam allowance.  This is because you have 3 equal squares across the block.  

A tutorial for Friendship Star blocks:  https://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/friendship-star-quilt-block.html has the size chart available for 3 inch blocks.  Just copy and paste into the browser and it should come up.

Or you can watch this video:

Will be back Tuesday with the final center block set to make and then we will be putting the blocks together.

Will post more on Donna’s Delight Mystery quilt later today. Been feeling a little dizzy and drained, so not much sewing yesterday. Hope to get some sewing and sorting done today.

APRIL 26, 2018

CLUE 4:  FINAL  CENTER BLOCK:  The final center block is the popular Churn Dash in miniature!  This block will be 3.5 inches finished.   Using gold/yellow, light or medium blue, green and red, you will again need to make 12 blocks, 4 of each color.  Here is a good tutorial that will walk you through the process.  https://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/churn-dash-quilt-block.html.  You then need to click on Churn Dash that is underlined to take you to the actual directions.  Just copy and paste into the browser.

Am still working on the layout of the blocks.  Will post more next Wednesday. May 2. 


We are going to start with the first set of blocks, the pinwheel.  The Pinwheel will be the center block and using the hourglass unit for the outside borders.  Match your green, blue and red blocks, using gold and white.  These should measure 3.5 inches.  The gold will be on the bottom with the white/cream facing outside.  You should have 3 colors altogether for the Hourglass units.  Remember, when you use this method, you will need to add one and 1/4 (1 and 1/4)  inch to the block for it to come out to the correct size.  You will need to make 48 units.  For now.  

Here is a great tutorial from Fons and Porter on making really quick Hourglass blocks:

The four outside corners will be set with gold/yellow which should bridge with the other blocks.

Hope to post more pictures this weekend.

Hello again!  I am still working on getting all of my units made and trying to get ahead of everything as the next few steps are going to  go together very quickly after this.  I will have the rest of Donna’s Delight ready on Monday, May 14.

Went to my UFO class today, had a great time but came home with a headache.  Will post tomorrow.  I have had a migraine all day, hope it passes soon.



Thank you for playing!



HURRY!  Time is running out!  Sign up before May 31!

Email me privately at luv2cutfab@gmail.com with your name and address to enter!

MAIL OUT DATE: June 1, 2018


YIKES! I accidentally opened the dungeon door just to check on them and they escaped! I had them under lock and key to keep them from breeding and they took over my good fabric and now they are threatening to take over my sewing room! It’s not a pretty sight! Now, it’s time for them to leave! Um, I mean, go to another home. You see, some are just not as pretty as others and some have a reputation for just not playing well with others, and that is why I had them hidden away.

My challenge, should you dare to accept, is that I send you two (2) 10 inch pieces, sight unseen, for you to play with. Let’s see what you can make with these “beauties” using just 2 other pieces of fabric. I will take sign-ups until May 31 and then mail out on June 1. Remember, once you get them, they are YOURS! No givebacks! You will have until September 15 to finish. Once you finish, post pictures and we will vote on them for a prize. You do not have to send it to anyone, you get to keep your creation!

PICTURE AND VOTING RULES: To enter, take a before and after picture of the pieces and email me with your name and address and LU CHALLENGE in the subject line. This will ensure that all entries will be private. DO NOT POST THE PICTURES TO THE GROUP! We want to shock, oops, I mean surprise everyone with your entries. I will have a list of entries just to keep it in order. When the voting is finished, the entries will be posted online with the fabrics and their creation. The group as a whole will decide the winners and that will be announced on September 30. Each category will have a first and second place and prizes will be announced and awarded closer to the deadline. I will be sending out the prizes after the voting.

1. Most original
2. Best camouflaged
3. Craziest idea

From the two 10 inch pieces let’s see what you can create. All items must be finished, quilted and binding added. No limit on size, design, or project that you make, but it must be quilted. You have 2 options. You can use both pieces together and create something or just use one piece, but 60% must be in the project and you can only use 2 other fabrics.

This is not a swap, it is a challenge. They are yours to keep and to do with as you please.
Have fun creating!

These are some of last year’s entries!


I went to our guild’s quilt show today with my friend, Sandra, and we had a blast.  It is called the American Symphony of Quilts and tomorrow is the last day of the show.  I didn’t enter anything this year but it was so inspiring seeing all of the creative talent that our quilters have.

Here are some pictures.  If you click on a picture, you can pull it up to look closer at the details.  Have fun!

Sandra picking an orange, so realistic!

Meux Home here in Fresno, won 6 1st place ribbons for group project

Gorgeous Flower Garden

Carol Mercer, Featured Artist

Japanese Panel, LOVE!

Looks like a painting, gorgeous!

Jane with her Blue Ribbon applique quilt

Otters Under the Sea, my favorite

And there is so much more there that I didn’t get pictures of!



STARTS: January 15, 2018
ENDS: December 31, 2018
SIGN UP DEADLINE: January 10, 2018

This is the perfect swap for those who would love to build up their stash, or to share some of their stash with others.

Charms: Size 5 inches
Noodles: Size 2.5 inches, LOF (length of fabric)

NOTE: This event will repeat every other month starting with January, March, May, July, September, and November. This gives everyone a month to send out and receive. This is a swap where you will send to each person on the list. You are responsible for posting when you send, who you receive and for postage.

Please read the guidelines in the files for more info. Sign up by emailing me at luv2cutfab@gmail.com. Once we have 10 players, I will send out a list of players.


Does your stash have its own room?
Is it spreading into other rooms?
Do you have to move your stash to another room when company comes to visit? 

I seriously need to cut back on buying fabric! That is a picture of my small walk-in closet from a few years ago, but the stash has continued to grow! Under my table that my hubby made for me a few years ago is full of my UFO projects in boxes, more bins and on one side is another cubby hole full of bins with more fabric in it!

I am more of a collector of fabric than a serious user. I admit it, I love to fondle fabric and I am not ashamed to admit it! My problem is that I have so much of it, plenty of projects, but am I really seriously going to use it all up in my lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if I stop buying and starting sewing like crazy!

Would you like to join me in a challenge for one year? Hopefully it will last that long. 😀 My challenge is to NOT BUY ANY MORE FABRIC, GADGETS, OR KITS for one year. My goal is to use what I have, make a dent in my stash, and get my UFOs under control. Of course, swaps and gifts don’t count, but you have to use them. Are you brave enough to join me?

Let’s be accountable to one another. Just post pictures of your stash, list, if you dare, the UFOs that need to be finished. You know, the ones that are as old as your children, the ones that we put aside for something else, or put off, or just plain old forgot about it. And let’s encourage each other NOT TO BUY!

And, most importantly, let’s share when we have a finish and use up some of our fabric! We can also share ideas on how to use it up, give it away, or other ideas.

You can jump in any time, just a little support for all of us who love to buy!

Well, it’s done. I cleared off the 3 shelves in my closet that were loaded down with fabric, transferred about half into bins, and the rest is in bags that are going to new homes. Even after purging my fabric, I still have more than enough for two lifetimes. AND that doesn’t include my scraps that were in 14 bins. That includes FQ, strips, noodles, charms and whatever else. Still need to go through that. That should keep me busy for a while. No more buying fabric for me for a long time. Feels good!! 😊

I decided to go ahead and take some of my stash to the guild meeting last week. Took 4 big bags of fabric, books and a pattern in my little wagon. Came back with just my box for the BOM, my wagon and purse! I saw a friend who asked about one of the bags, told her it was free fabric to good home. She went through the bag and took half of it home with her. Arranged the remaining fabric on the table, still a good amount of yardage. That was gone, except for a few pieces, by the end of the night. Gave that to the guild. Dropped the other bag off for the stash, had another bag for our baskets committee for the guild show and dropped those off. Saw another friend and gave her the remaining bag. Feels good to see it go to new homes. Still have 3 more big bags to find new homes for. 

Crazy part is that I still have an abundance of it left at my home. How did that happen? 🤔 Will try again next month. Rather give it to friends than have to sell it. Oh, and this was all yardage, 1 yard up to 3 or 4 yards. No scraps.


This is what my room looks like now.  This is where my solids are stored.  I folded my yardage into thirds, put a piece of cardboard on top and then have more room that way.

The table next to my sewing table, stacked with small bins for my thread.  Underneath that is an old dresser where I keep my scissors, rotary cutters and other tools.

This is my work table that hubby built for me many years ago.



My sewing space, extra machines, etc.  If you look under the table, there are 2 small rolling bins and a larger one, all full of fabric.

The inner recesses of my closet.  This is where I keep my odds and ends.

My shelves that are still a work in process.  See the picture at top of post for what it looked like before.  Under the big black bag is another hamper full of scraps.  The bag on top is full of noodles from a now empty bin.  Deciding how to do my scraps and have a place for my larger tools.

I’m in the process of going through my scraps, sorting by color and size and will go from there.  I have shoe boxes that I will use for smaller scraps, and then 3 small rolling bins full of scraps, and then another larger one full of even more fabric.  Once I get this figured out, then I will decide where to put  my tools.

And so concludes the 2 cents tour of my room.  Thank you for visiting!

Or as I like to call it, reorganizing my closet.  What a HUGE job this has turned out to be!

If you have been following along, you saw what my closet looked like before and also how it is turning out.  I have decided to go with clear shoe boxes for my small scraps and a little large clear box for my bigger pieces and FQ.  I plan to put the FQ in with the bigger pieces so I can find them easily.  Still a work in progress.

As you can see, I have emptied one large hamper and have one more hamper to go.  Well, actually, I sorted through about half of the first hamper, put the small scraps into 10 shoe boxes, and ran out of boxes.  Hubby has gone to Dollar Tree to get more shoe boxes for me, what a sweetie he is!  The bins next to the shoe boxes are full of larger scraps waiting for boxes of their own.  I found that these green and blue bins are great for sorting but since they have no lids, you can’t stack them nicely.  I also found that the shoe boxes are great for smaller scraps, but I need more of them!  I’m going to have to sort by dark and light colors and have 2 boxes for each color for that to work out.  Or I just have way too much scrap stash!   And that doesn’t include my floral, novelty, Asian, etc!  This will be an ongoing project for at least another couple of months!  But to me, it looks a lot better than before!

Here is my closet now!

Thank you for following along!

And now for the final reveal of my sewing room closet!  But first a look from Bandit, my supervisor!

I now have 30 clear plastic shoe boxes full of small scraps on the top shelf.  Underneath that are 12 blue stackable bins full of larger cuts of fabric.  Almost looks like I’ve been canning the way they are stacked.  But now I can tell at a glance where my scraps are as they are labeled!

Underneath are 4 larger bins.  The first one is Annalee’s fabric in pink with the letter A.  Next to that is a bin full of pre-quilted fabric, noodles of various sizes and the last one is full of FQ.  On the floor, underneath the shelf, are bags of batting, and a large hamper full of UFOs waiting to be quilted.  Then, in front is a large 3 drawer rollable bin that has templates, rulers, my glue gun and other tools that didn’t fit into other drawers very well.

It feels so good to finally have it organized, very liberating.  But I still have more fabric for one lifetime.  Guess that means I have to get sewing a lot faster!

Thanks for dropping by!

Well, I bought fabric today. Five FQs and 3.5 yards of flannel to finish the quilt for my Dad, Emerald. But nothing else, these were necessary purchases. How is everyone else doing?

I finally did it!  I got to the bottom of my hamper, cleaned it out, dumped it into a smaller box and sorted it.  At least some of it.  When I got to the box that I transferred it into, I decided OKAY!  ENOUGH!  I have more than enough scraps to last me several lifetimes!  I am going to bag it for now, the whole lot and sell it at the Guild’s Yard Sale in July!  I will wash it and get it ready to go later and then label the bags “Grab Bags” Scraps for $3.00 a bag.  I’m tired of sorting and then cleaning up again and then trying to find a piece to match.  Did you know that I went and bought 20 more of those clear plastic shoe boxes to store the scraps in?  Well, once they are put away and on the shelf, that is the end of it.  If I can’t find what I need in those, then I will go to my larger pieces and then yardage!

I am feeling so proud of myself for letting go of this and feel so much better now that I have decided to do this!