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I have been busy clearing out old files, photos and other stuff from my blog the past few days.  Now it is semi-clutter free and a little easier to navigate around.  You will notice that a lot of the older mystery quilts have been deleted.  This is mainly due to problems with the pictures or other writing issues that I found.  If there is no picture to go along with the quilt, then it isn’t of much use.  Some of them were never completed due to life circumstances or loss of interest or the pattern didn’t go together as it should have.  

BUT NEVER FEAR!  I have made printed copies of all the mystery quilts that I ever designed, started and finished, so maybe one day they may reappear again at a later date.  Some of them are already in PDF format and others are in the process of being rewritten.  AND there is no charge for any of the patterns, all are available in the public domain and can be found at different sites.  

I hope that you like the new look and will tell your friends to drop by and  visit!  Everyone is welcome.   


Does your stash have its own room?
Is it spreading into other rooms?
Do you have to move your stash to another room when company comes to visit? 

I seriously need to cut back on buying fabric! That is a picture of my small walk-in closet from a few years ago, but the stash has continued to grow! Under my table that my hubby made for me a few years ago is full of my UFO projects in boxes, more bins and on one side is another cubby hole full of bins with more fabric in it!

I am more of a collector of fabric than a serious user. I admit it, I love to fondle fabric and I am not ashamed to admit it! My problem is that I have so much of it, plenty of projects, but am I really seriously going to use it all up in my lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if I stop buying and starting sewing like crazy!

Would you like to join me in a challenge for one year? Hopefully it will last that long. 😀 My challenge is to NOT BUY ANY MORE FABRIC, GADGETS, OR KITS for one year. My goal is to use what I have, make a dent in my stash, and get my UFOs under control. Of course, swaps and gifts don’t count, but you have to use them. Are you brave enough to join me?

Let’s be accountable to one another. Just post pictures of your stash, list, if you dare, the UFOs that need to be finished. You know, the ones that are as old as your children, the ones that we put aside for something else, or put off, or just plain old forgot about it. And let’s encourage each other NOT TO BUY!

And, most importantly, let’s share when we have a finish and use up some of our fabric! We can also share ideas on how to use it up, give it away, or other ideas.

You can jump in any time, just a little support for all of us who love to buy!

Well, it’s done. I cleared off the 3 shelves in my closet that were loaded down with fabric, transferred about half into bins, and the rest is in bags that are going to new homes. Even after purging my fabric, I still have more than enough for two lifetimes. AND that doesn’t include my scraps that were in 14 bins. That includes FQ, strips, noodles, charms and whatever else. Still need to go through that. That should keep me busy for a while. No more buying fabric for me for a long time. Feels good!! 😊

I decided to go ahead and take some of my stash to the guild meeting last week. Took 4 big bags of fabric, books and a pattern in my little wagon. Came back with just my box for the BOM, my wagon and purse! I saw a friend who asked about one of the bags, told her it was free fabric to good home. She went through the bag and took half of it home with her. Arranged the remaining fabric on the table, still a good amount of yardage. That was gone, except for a few pieces, by the end of the night. Gave that to the guild. Dropped the other bag off for the stash, had another bag for our baskets committee for the guild show and dropped those off. Saw another friend and gave her the remaining bag. Feels good to see it go to new homes. Still have 3 more big bags to find new homes for. 

Crazy part is that I still have an abundance of it left at my home. How did that happen? 🤔 Will try again next month. Rather give it to friends than have to sell it. Oh, and this was all yardage, 1 yard up to 3 or 4 yards. No scraps.


This is what my room looks like now.  This is where my solids are stored.  I folded my yardage into thirds, put a piece of cardboard on top and then have more room that way.

The table next to my sewing table, stacked with small bins for my thread.  Underneath that is an old dresser where I keep my scissors, rotary cutters and other tools.

This is my work table that hubby built for me many years ago.



My sewing space, extra machines, etc.  If you look under the table, there are 2 small rolling bins and a larger one, all full of fabric.

The inner recesses of my closet.  This is where I keep my odds and ends.

My shelves that are still a work in process.  See the picture at top of post for what it looked like before.  Under the big black bag is another hamper full of scraps.  The bag on top is full of noodles from a now empty bin.  Deciding how to do my scraps and have a place for my larger tools.

I’m in the process of going through my scraps, sorting by color and size and will go from there.  I have shoe boxes that I will use for smaller scraps, and then 3 small rolling bins full of scraps, and then another larger one full of even more fabric.  Once I get this figured out, then I will decide where to put  my tools.

And so concludes the 2 cents tour of my room.  Thank you for visiting!

Or as I like to call it, reorganizing my closet.  What a HUGE job this has turned out to be!

If you have been following along, you saw what my closet looked like before and also how it is turning out.  I have decided to go with clear shoe boxes for my small scraps and a little large clear box for my bigger pieces and FQ.  I plan to put the FQ in with the bigger pieces so I can find them easily.  Still a work in progress.

As you can see, I have emptied one large hamper and have one more hamper to go.  Well, actually, I sorted through about half of the first hamper, put the small scraps into 10 shoe boxes, and ran out of boxes.  Hubby has gone to Dollar Tree to get more shoe boxes for me, what a sweetie he is!  The bins next to the shoe boxes are full of larger scraps waiting for boxes of their own.  I found that these green and blue bins are great for sorting but since they have no lids, you can’t stack them nicely.  I also found that the shoe boxes are great for smaller scraps, but I need more of them!  I’m going to have to sort by dark and light colors and have 2 boxes for each color for that to work out.  Or I just have way too much scrap stash!   And that doesn’t include my floral, novelty, Asian, etc!  This will be an ongoing project for at least another couple of months!  But to me, it looks a lot better than before!

Here is my closet now!

Thank you for following along!

And now for the final reveal of my sewing room closet!  But first a look from Bandit, my supervisor!

I now have 30 clear plastic shoe boxes full of small scraps on the top shelf.  Underneath that are 12 blue stackable bins full of larger cuts of fabric.  Almost looks like I’ve been canning the way they are stacked.  But now I can tell at a glance where my scraps are as they are labeled!

Underneath are 4 larger bins.  The first one is Annalee’s fabric in pink with the letter A.  Next to that is a bin full of pre-quilted fabric, noodles of various sizes and the last one is full of FQ.  On the floor, underneath the shelf, are bags of batting, and a large hamper full of UFOs waiting to be quilted.  Then, in front is a large 3 drawer rollable bin that has templates, rulers, my glue gun and other tools that didn’t fit into other drawers very well.

It feels so good to finally have it organized, very liberating.  But I still have more fabric for one lifetime.  Guess that means I have to get sewing a lot faster!

Thanks for dropping by!

Well, I bought fabric today. Five FQs and 3.5 yards of flannel to finish the quilt for my Dad, Emerald. But nothing else, these were necessary purchases. How is everyone else doing?

I finally did it!  I got to the bottom of my hamper, cleaned it out, dumped it into a smaller box and sorted it.  At least some of it.  When I got to the box that I transferred it into, I decided OKAY!  ENOUGH!  I have more than enough scraps to last me several lifetimes!  I am going to bag it for now, the whole lot and sell it at the Guild’s Yard Sale in July!  I will wash it and get it ready to go later and then label the bags “Grab Bags” Scraps for $3.00 a bag.  I’m tired of sorting and then cleaning up again and then trying to find a piece to match.  Did you know that I went and bought 20 more of those clear plastic shoe boxes to store the scraps in?  Well, once they are put away and on the shelf, that is the end of it.  If I can’t find what I need in those, then I will go to my larger pieces and then yardage!

I am feeling so proud of myself for letting go of this and feel so much better now that I have decided to do this!



Just to get some chatter going I am posing a question. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am addicted to buying fabric! I think I love buying fabric more than sewing! My stash is so large that it will take a couple of lifetimes to use it up. Anyone else out there like that? Well, I am making an “attempt” to not buy any more fabric, except for backing and batting, and see how long I can go. So far I have not bought any fabric, with the exception of a Christmas gift from my dad, and as we all know, gifts don’t count, since January 1. I did buy 5 yards of single sided pre-quilted fabric for backing small projects and some Insulibrite (sp?).

Is anyone else making an honest effort to stop buying and start using what is in our stashes, besides me?

Here a pattern, there a scrap

Well, I made some progress yesterday.  I culled through 7 binders full of patterns, both printed out and pulled from magazines, and put them in a big box for the sale in April.  I think I have a 1/3 left.  If it looked the same as another pattern or I just didn’t like it as much as I previously did, it went in the box.  I now just have 4 binders, one for swaps, guild, tips and hints and my Sew Wanna Do binder.  The remaining patterns are in 2 small file boxes and I plan to store those away for later.  I even went through all of my printed mystery quilts and either threw them out or put them in the box to go.  Seriously, I am not going to make it now if I haven’t made them when they came out 5-10 years ago!

Goodness, it FEELS GOOD to PURGE!  Maybe a new quilter can use them.  Someone from the guild gave them a large file full of old patterns with PAPER templates to make the block.  I considered keeping them for a bit but then realized they were from 1990s and the templates are no longer necessary, so why keep it.  I have plastic templates that I can use if necessary and I certainly do not need more.  There were templates for squares, 1/2 square triangles, etc., stuff that is not necessary now with the use of rotary cutters and special rulers.

I figure I can sell the patterns for 5 for $1.00, and maybe throw in some scraps to make a kit.  Now to go through the bags and boxes of scraps that were gifted to me.  People must think I run an orphanage for wayward fabric!  😀


This is a link on how to avoid being attacked.  It’s full of information that may save your life.




I keep getting all the ads for the local quilt shops here and I have looked at them and I can honestly say that there is nothing there that I even want, need or can do without! I’m not even tempted to buy any fabric or gadgets at all. Except for maybe a special binding foot that I saw, but I’m not sure if I have that already or not! To make it worse, I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas to quilt shops, but I am going to save them aside for a rainy day. Anyone with me on not buying until necessary?


Look at the new presser foot that I got in the mail today! It is a Flower Stitch that can be used with either your embroidery machine or sewing machine! There are at least 8 different stitches that it can make! Sew excited and can hardly wait to try it out after I get off work! I got it at Amazon.com for less than $6. plus shipping and handling!

Donna Coppin's photo.
Donna Coppin's photo.

Here is the link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004PJWTF6?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at the Nancy’s Notions catalog, okay drooling, and found the fancy flower foot. I still need to play with it but I have been working overtime and too tired to play afterwards. It goes on nicely but you have to remember to put the feed dogs down. Well, I tried that and couldn’t get them to go down. I then realized that I needed to turn the wheel a couple of times. DUH! Tonight, I will play and try and post pictures of the stitches that it makes.

I was also looking at the various quilting feet that she had in the catalog and the DVD and workbook for quilting with different feet. I didn’t want to spend that much money on a foot and looked at amazon.com and found a set of 32 presser feet for quilting for under $20 and went ahead and ordered it. I know there are a few repeats of what I already have, but that’s okay. It came yesterday. Get this, it was from Kentucky, USA and all these great feet in it and it advertised having the name of the feet on the back, which it did! But it was written in Chinese characters! LOL! What the heck! Good thing I have a book that shows all the type of feet available and I can figure it from there, but I sure do not read Chinese! Still tickled about that! Wish me luck in translating!

Here’s a link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N0DB7BU…. Make sure it’s in English!