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Good Morning Everyone!   WOW!  These past 8 weeks have been very stressful for me but now I can actually relax!  Hubby is doing very well after his stroke and is back to his normal loving self.  The DMV and doctor have cleared him to start driving again.  No driving or written tests, they said that if the doctor said he was okay to drive then they agreed with the doctor, and that means I don’t have to ferry him around.  He can drive and he won’t be driving me crazy!  I feel very blessed that he is okay and back to normal, and that he is doing a lot better with controlling his blood pressure and sugars!

I plan to do some sewing today after not doing much for so long.  I sure hope I remember how to!  😀  I have  a block to design for the BOM next month for the guild and some quilting that needs to be finished.  Not sure of what else needs to be done at the moment, need to take inventory.  Well, now to finish my coffee and get started!

Have a blessed, safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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