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Hello and Happy Easter!

Now that hubby and I are getting back to normal, I can finally get back to my sewing. Hubby is getting better day by day, but still gets tired very easily in the afternoon, but that is normal just a few weeks out from a stroke. Still have several appts for PT/OT over the next few weeks, taxi service, and grand kids to watch, but at least I will have some time for playing catch up. Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts and wishes. We truly appreciate it.

I am doing okay and my Sjogren’s is quiet for now. Thank God for that, otherwise we would both have problems. Hubby and I try to get out each day in the morning just to move around a little and we will be starting some simple balance exercises soon. I have a counselor who is helping me deal with my emotions and that is a big help for me. Doug is being very good with his diet and we are still learning the ropes of diet, carb counting, meals, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring. He still wants to go eat fast food but knows that it is off the menu for now; after all he is going through withdrawals…  We are eating a lot healthier and that is an adjustment for us, but the menu plans are fairly flexible and tasty.

Tomorrow is Easter and we will be having breakfast at Kathy’s house as they will be going to his parents’ house in the afternoon. I have some goodies for the kids and they will be coming over later this afternoon to color eggs. Jenny and her family are doing well and we miss them during the holidays. We sent the Easter Bunny some money to buy some goodies for Easter. 

On another note, our kitties just celebrated their 13th birthday on April 13th. Yes, they are all from the same litter. They celebrated by sleeping.

Here is a picture of our living room minus the couch, and Racer with her new favorite sleeping place.  Will post more pictures tomorrow after the Easter Egg Hunt.

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