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Here a pattern, there a scrap

Well, I made some progress yesterday.  I culled through 7 binders full of patterns, both printed out and pulled from magazines, and put them in a big box for the sale in April.  I think I have a 1/3 left.  If it looked the same as another pattern or I just didn’t like it as much as I previously did, it went in the box.  I now just have 4 binders, one for swaps, guild, tips and hints and my Sew Wanna Do binder.  The remaining patterns are in 2 small file boxes and I plan to store those away for later.  I even went through all of my printed mystery quilts and either threw them out or put them in the box to go.  Seriously, I am not going to make it now if I haven’t made them when they came out 5-10 years ago!

Goodness, it FEELS GOOD to PURGE!  Maybe a new quilter can use them.  Someone from the guild gave them a large file full of old patterns with PAPER templates to make the block.  I considered keeping them for a bit but then realized they were from 1990s and the templates are no longer necessary, so why keep it.  I have plastic templates that I can use if necessary and I certainly do not need more.  There were templates for squares, 1/2 square triangles, etc., stuff that is not necessary now with the use of rotary cutters and special rulers.

I figure I can sell the patterns for 5 for $1.00, and maybe throw in some scraps to make a kit.  Now to go through the bags and boxes of scraps that were gifted to me.  People must think I run an orphanage for wayward fabric!  😀

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