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Greetings from the Coppin Clan!  We hope and pray that this coming year will be full of blessings and joy for you and your families!

Doug, even though he has been retired for a while now, is now running a taxi and babysitting service from home, courtesy of Kathy.  We ferry both grandchildren back and forth to school, Annalee (age 4) in preschool and Sam in 3rd grade, and they both get out at different times.  We also offer a delivery and pickup service for Kathy when An is working odd hours.  Doug has brought me on board as an extra sitter for when we have more than one delivery or pickup at a time.  This has made life fairly interesting to say the least!

Samnang (age 8) is doing well in school and loves to play on his computer and build cars online.  Hard to believe that they are growing so quickly!  An is training for a manager position at the CVS, and Kathy is working as the counter manager for Estee Lauder cosmetics in Macy’s at Fashion Fair.  They have quite the small zoo in our shared back yards; let’s see 4 chickens, 1 rabbit, 3 dogs, and 4 large aquariums in their house.  As for us, four cats own the house and allow us to live and sleep in the bed with them in exchange for food and petting now and then.

Jenny and Ariel had moved here from Michigan a couple of years ago and we enjoyed having them here so close.  Jenny was offered a better position by her previous employer and they just moved back to Michigan in October.  We really miss them a lot.  Ariel has received his full veteran’s benefits and is on disability and is doing very well.  Matthew will be 14 soon and wants to be a veterinarian and loves being around animals.  Emma is 4 years old and looks just like her Mom when she was little and is quite the little princess!  Such precious treasures.

I am now retired and the only thing I miss from there is my miniscule paycheck!  I was diagnosed earlier last year with Sjogren ’s syndrome (an autoimmune disorder) and this has been a challenge physically and emotionally for me at times, but for the most part I am doing fairly well.  Since I have so much extra time on my hands I am more involved with quilting, guild activities and playing with my grandchildren.  Annalee is 4 and has been helping me sort fabric while sewing and we may have another quilter in the making!  It has been a good year and we are all blessed and happy!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Remember that God is in control no matter what happens!


Doug and Donna

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