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Welcome to Scrappy Quilters! We are growing very quickly and I am hoping that we can better meet the needs of our members by offering a variety of swaps throughout the year.


What do we have to offer, you ask?

·        Original mystery quilts

·        Quick and easy projects

·        Challenges

·        Swaps and retreats

·        Encouragement and friendship

As we have grown very quickly and there are a lot of questions from new members, I feel it is necessary to set up a few rules that do need to be amended a little with so many people.

We ask that there be no flaming, rudeness, politics, religion or bad behavior or language. Please remember to treat each other as you would want to be treated, with respect.   I realize that postings can be misread and might be hurtful to others as it is written and not in a tone that you would hear when actually speaking to someone on the phone, as an example. Please think through what you are saying before posting.

ADVERTISING:  You can post an ad for a quilt that you made or patterns here, but please have any interested buyers send the information to you privately and not on the group page.   Please ask me first for permission.  NO t-shirt ads, giveaways, mugs or other ads, no matter how cute, are allowed, as  we have been burned by a few people earlier on that just wanted to sell junk here and it turned out they were scamming others.  Please do not advertise for any companies that make or sell other products as I will remove you from the group without notice and you will be banned from Scrappy Quilters.  


Email me or the person in charge of the swap with the name of the swap in the subject line. My email address is luv2cutfab@gmail.com.  Send your name, address and other pertinent information in the email before the swap closes.  Once we have 10 swappers or at least 5-7, then the swap will close, and you will receive by email a list of the people you will be sending to. You are responsible for the postage and for sending out on time.

A swap can be closed or cancelled for lack of participation. My hope is that we will have several swaps going onto choose from and lots of swappers. If we have more than 10 swappers, then a second group may be created to accommodate everyone.  All swaps will be one-on-one, no centralized swaps.   When you send the swap out, please email  the tracking number so we can keep track of the swap and so we don’t have to hunt you down to make sure that it is taken care of.  All communication will be through private messaging.

COMMUNICATION:  I feel that this needs to be addressed yet again, and I really hate to nag. In order to be involved in a swap, you have to communicate with everyone especially when you are sending out your swaps and receiving. If you have trouble sending, you must let the coordinator of the swap know. If you do not let us know even after being contacted, you will be banned from swapping. Failure to do so is not only mentioned in the guidelines but it is also rude and unfair to the other players. Please read the guidelines before signing up.


1. If you decide that you are not able to do the swap, please have the courtesy to let me know before the deadline, and it can be arranged.

2.  If something happens during the swap and you’re not able to follow through please let us know and we can possibly help you out. We cannot help if you don’t let us know.

 3. If you decide after the swap has closed that you are not able to do the swap and do not let someone know, you will be banned from swapping.

 4. If you drop from the swap and do not let me or a swap moderator know, that is cause for being banned from the group.


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