Please read the guidelines in the files for more information on swapping before signing up.

This is a listing of challenges and mysteries and the swaps are listed below.

UFO CHALLENGE 2016: This is open to all members who have UFOs hiding that simply need to be finished.  Please list your 11 scariest UFOs in EVENTS under UFO Challenge, and the number that is called will be the one to work on for that month.  Please be sure to number them.  Person with the first photo of a finished UFO, bound and quilted, (unless another form of sewing that is permissible), will receive a FQ from my personal stash and have the honor of calling the number for the next month.  Viewer’s Choice is where you send in your picture and you have the chance of your quilt being the banner picture for the group.  Just send in the picture to my email,, and the group will vote on their favorite.  If you find that you have already finished a UFO before the number was called or just don’t want to work on it, please change the name of the UFO under your list.

BUST THE BITS AND PIECES PARTY:  This is an easy way to use up those small scraps that have a tendency to breed while we are sleeping.  Every so often, I will post some fun, fast and easy links on ways to use up scraps.  If you have a link you want to share, please do so.  It is open to everyone and is designed to use up those pesky little pieces.


ANYTHING GOES SWAP:  Do you have fabric that has been sitting around since forever? Do you have duplicate tools, magazines or whatever that is just sitting there? Then, I say it’s time to pass it on! Take all these goodies, put them in a large Flat Rate Box, they’re under $10 to ship, and send it on its merry way to another quilter. Who knows what goodies you might find in there? Take what you want from the box, fill it up and send it out again! Get the idea? Great! Then let’s get started!


POOR QUILTER’S SWAP, ROUND 3:  This is a String Block swap that is very popular.  Signup begins August 1 and will close August 31.  The swap involves 3 blocks, and all 3 blocks will be half light and half dark.  Please contact Lynne Quinsland at for more details.  Please put String Block 3 in the subject line and include your name and mailing address.  Picture is to give idea what the blocks should look like.

Scrappy String Blocks, Half and Half


CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT SWAP:  Making a handmade ornament. Any material can be used (yarn, cloth, plastic canvas, beads and etc. Keep it simple, use whatever you have in your stash. I will take names until the last week in November. I’ll assign ornament swappers the first week in December.  Please email Cheryl Hall at with Christmas Ornament in the Subject line and include your name and mailing address.


FALL SWAP BOX:  Signups begin today and END August 1. I will match partners and notify by August 3. Swap boxes must be sent BY September 20.  To sign up you MUST email me, Lynne at and put Fall Swap Box as the subject line. When you send that email please include the following in the body of your email:  Your mailing address, a bit about your likes/dislikes, (ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES!!)


SQUARE DANCE SWAP:  This is a long swap that will take at least 12 to 16 months to finish depending on the number of players.  It is called a Square Dance as you will be changing partners throughout the swap, but keeping your same fabric choices.  I will have a list of easy blocks to choose from, everyone will choose that block and keep it for the remainder of the swap.  As you work down the list, you send a piece of fabric to that month’s partner, she makes a block that she chose, and sends it back to you.  By the end of the swap, you should have 6 or 12 blocks, depending on the number of players, ready to be put together into a top.  I am allowing 4-6 weeks for each round and that is why it will take so long.  In the long run, just think of the gorgeous blocks you will get back and the chance to make them for our fellow quilters.


TWISTED MYSTERY QUILT:  Starts October 1, 2016.  NO SWAPPING INVOLVED!  If you are looking for something new to try, how about this?  Choose a block that you want to do and challenge the rest of the group.  It can be appliqué, paper pieced, embroidery or regular piecing.  To sign up, post your name, a few links of the block or technique, and email it to me at  You choose your own fabrics as it is not a swap, but a challenge, and if you choose to pass on the block, you can do so.  We can do a vote on the size later.  Rules are easy.  Choose a block, any style, but should be the same size for uniformity of the quilt, send the info to me, and I will choose the pattern for that month.  You have one month to finish and then we go on to the next block.  Sounds easy and fun!  Sew, join in!  When it’s your turn to choose a block, try to think outside the square and let us all try something new – paper piecing, appliqué, etc- rather than plain blocks. But if you wish to choose a plain block, well………..we may need them too.


ROW ROBIN: Choose a theme and create a beautiful quilt with the help of your friends.  These are just samples of what we can do and we are always open to suggestions!

Final_01-112_B1352.indd roundrobinrowfinish


FABRIC SWAP:  Do you need to stock up on certain colors or novelties or prints? Then sign up to swap with your friends and see what goodies you receive.  Start date to be announced.

BLOCK SWAPS:  Fun new blocks to swap with each other.  You make a block for each person signed up and receive back from everyone!  Start date to be announced.


Please read the guidelines in the files for more information on swapping before signing up.


About cozyquilts

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Donna. My hubby is retired and I am still working from home. I have twin daughters and am blessed with 4 grandchildren. We are owned by 4 cats that love to supervise and are very nosy. I have been quilting since 1996. In addition to making quilts for my family and friends, I also make charity quilts for Marjoree Mason Center and Valley Children's Hospital. Marjoree Mason Center is a local organization here that helps and supports battered and abused women and children get out of abusive relationships. Every Christmas I make several baby quilts for the women, along with a small stuffed animal. Valley Children's Hospital is a new venture for me that just started this year. Every month or so I drop off a couple of quilts along with a small toy, for the children. I use a lot of bright, fun fabrics to help cheer them up. I do special order quilts but please be advised in advance as I work full-time in addition to quilting, I only do a few during the year. Also, it may take up to 6 months to a year to completely finish a quilt as my sewing time is limited. I only do applique or patchwork and will incorporate machine embroidery into my patterns, when requested. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you and friends again soon.
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