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Yesterday was a lot of fun. Did a vendor’s booth with a friend of mine. It was at Quilter’s Paradise in their parking lot along with an antique car show right in front! Sold several goodies and made a little money and had a blast with my friend, Gerry! My shoulders and neck are a little sore, but well worth the fun. We were in the front middle as you come in, so we had a lot of customers, wives with children coming in while the husbands looked at the cars.

Gerry makes all these beautiful American Doll clothes, including sandals and shoe boxes to put them in! Plus underwear! Very talented and clever lady! I made a bunch of sleep masks, clutch purses, and had a lot of other goodies from my sewing room out and sold most of it. The booth next to us had a booth full of fabric at a reasonable price. In fact, I got a really good deal, 10 cents per piece (a little irregular)! I spent a grand total of $1.50 for 15 irregular pieces. That was all I spent as I am trying to save a little for the quilt expo at the end of the month.

Doug was a true sweetheart and lugged everything back and forth from the cars for both Gerry and I. We went out for dinner last night as I was just too tired to cook.

Donna Coppin's photo.
Donna Coppin's photo.
Donna Coppin's photo.IMG_2151 IMG_2152
Donna Coppin's photo.

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