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This little Mitsubshi has been around for a long time, actually since Kathy was a Junior in high school and An was a Senior and started dating.  I remember that he brought it over for Doug for his approval and to look it over before he bought it.  I sat in that car once!  I felt like I had to fold myself up to get in and out.

Anyway, it has not been running for the past few years and has been sitting in their driveway waiting for the pink slip to clear and for it to be towed.  Today, was that day.  As much as I love to see it go, I hate to see the end of a wonderful era.  Kathy and An have been together for a long time and that little car has a lot of memories for them.

So long, little Mitsubishi!

IMG_2065 IMG_2064 IMG_2063 IMG_2072 IMG_2071 IMG_2070 IMG_2069 IMG_2068 IMG_2067

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