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Quilt Show Entries

Here are a few finishes from this month. The first one is Snowman, a BOM from the guild and will be in the show next month.


The second one is a sampler from many years ago from another group. This was going to be in the show, but it had issues with the back and pleats, so I decided against it.


The third one is almost finished, just need to do a little more quilting, binding, sleeve and label. It is a Purse Swap from another group and all blocks are signed with their name and hometown.


The last one is the Round Robin that I just got back and am in the process of deciding how to embellish it. I hope to have it done by the end of the week so that I can work on getting stuff ready for the quilt show. This and the one before will be in the show, too. I am thinking small green ric-a-rac for vines and then appliqueing leaves in between the outside flowers. I found some butterflies to be appliqued in my stash and I decided to use those along the border and in between the flowers. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually matched! What a great find. Not sure if I am going to do a solid border on the outside to finish it off or if I want to repeat the colors in a piano key or small squares and then a solid border. I am going to do dragonflies in a few of the corners and then a meandering stitch with flowers to quilt it.


Anyway, that is what I have been up to here lately. Chat later.

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