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Do you love challenges?  Are you one of those who is always first to get everything done?  Would you like to learn new techniques?  This is for you!

This is a Keep Your Own Block that involves no swapping whatsoever and is for those who love a good challenge.  The rules are simple:

There will be 4 blocks posted each month on every Sunday morning.  The pattern and complete instructions will be posted.  The first block will be an easy block, second block a little harder, third block will be advanced and the fourth block will be a challenge block.  If there are 5 Sundays in a month, I will post a Bonus Block.  In order to make this work, I am giving a deadline of 1 week to finish one block and the current month to finish all 4 blocks.   The challenge is to see if we can keep up with the blocks and is FOR THOSE WHO SIGN UP!  The blocks will vary from pieced to applique to paper piecing and maybe a few new ideas.

The blocks can be made in your own choice of colors.  You can make a quilt or other project if you wish but these are designed to test our skills and help us in the art of quilting.  If you feel that the block for that week is too challenging or if you want to save the pattern for another time, please feel free to do so.  

If you want to participate please post below this message with your name.  All I ask is that if you do participate that you post a picture of the block when finished.   Remember, this is Keep Your Own Block, no swapping involved and no Quilt Police.   I look forward to seeing your creations! 

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