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What a start to my day off! I came into the front room, turned on my computer and it had a message saying disc error. Great. Can’t use my home computer! Go into my sewing room to use my laptop and it won’t let me connect to the internet! Go to my work computer to get online and it’s fine. I don’t like using my work computer for personal business as it has a lot of security with my work. Oh, and before that, yesterday my keyboard decided to die on me. I changed to another spare keyboard but the adapter plug was bad and I couldn’t get it to work. Went to an older keyboard that is still working and has the plug and now that is working fine. Needless to say, it has not been a good day, computerwise! My son-in-law is still figuring out why my laptop (brand new, less than 4 months) won’t let me online. Hubby cleaned the home computer and that solved the other problem. A downfall of having 4 cats that shed.

I will be posting the mystery quilt blocks and information later today. Thanks for listening.

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