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Hi Everyone

A few weeks ago I mentioned changing from the Yahoo format to Quilt With Us format.  Janice from Quilting For All and I have been talking by email about blending our groups into one and moving over there and we will be co-administrators.  My apologies for not getting this to you sooner but time slipped away from me as I have been preparing for the quilt show this coming weekend.

What does this mean to you as part of Scrap Quilters on Yahoo.  This means that as most of us are on the same groups, Quilting for All and Scrap Quilters, it will be easier for all of us to navigate within Quilt With Us as one group but yet be able to explore other blogs, groups and discussions within QWU.  You have the freedom there to choose what you would like to do and still be a member of Quilting for All.  Scrap Quilters will be merged with QFA and keep their name.  I know also that there are a lot of us over there already at QWU and we have more advantages there for not just growth but new swaps, friends and a lot better format to work with.

What happens to Scrap Quilters?  I will keep it going for another 2 months and then close it down after everyone has a chance to move over to QWU.   I will not be approving anyone else for membership as we will be moving.  You have the option of moving with us or not.  I believe that this will be good for our group and open up more opportunities for us as a group.

Does this affect our FB group?  No.  It does not.  Actually it will help enhance our FB group as we can post directly from QWU to FB and I will continue to post there and to my blog.

Why?  We have been having problems with access to Yahoo, getting Yahoo to cooperate and in general, a lot have voiced the issue of not being happy with Yahoo format and not being easy to navigate.  I find this true, also.  With QWU,  you have your own blog, inbox, groups, discussions, etc.  

How do we move?  This is a message from Janice:  I have got approval for the group which is at this link

You may have to get approval to the site before you can apply to the group which will need to be approval also but i feel this is a good move for the group as there is so many problems with Yahoo now this would be better

If you are already a member of QWU, you won’t need approval from QWU but you will still need to be approved by Janice to join Quilting For All there.  
What happens to our swaps and stuff?  I will still be posting as an offshoot of QFA and the mystery quilts, swaps and Once A Week Keep Your Own block will continue there and at FB and Yahoo until the move is complete and then the Yahoo site will be closed.
If you have more questions or concerns, please post and I will try and answer them for you. 

Thank you!

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