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Once A Week Keep Your Own March #4

Good Morning

Since there are 5 Sundays in March, we will have a challenge block but I will post that next Saturday.  Today, we have a fun block to play with and a little challenging.  The block is 7 inches.  Remember, these are just blocks to challenge us and are not meant to be put into a quilt together, though if you do find one that would make a good quilt, go for it.  I will be doing mine scrappy.  The name of the block is Another Pineapple Block and can be found here at:  http://www.quilterscache.com/A/AnotherPineappleBlock.html.

You have the rest of the month to post your March blocks.  Or if you are new to our group, you can play catch up by following the list of blocks already made.  You also have the option of passing on a block if you feel that it is too hard or just don’t want to do the block.  The blocks will be of different sizes and there may be some different techniques involved, such as paper piecing, applique, etc.  These are just for practice to hone our skills.

Here are the blocks starting with January to the present:


Friendship Star

Friendship Scrap

Friendly Hand

Friendship Star Variation


Scot’s Plaid



Scrap Diddly

Bonus:  Solitaire



Hole in the Barn Door

Golden Gate


Another Pineapple Block

Hope this helps!  I will try and keep the list updated. 

Thanks for playing along.  See you next week with the Challenge Block.  We may go with paper piecing.  We shall see.

Chat later.


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