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Family Time

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 57 and I was born in 1957!  What a great time I had with my family.  We started off by going to breakfast at Huckleberry’s with our friends, Dan and Liberty and I had the Louisiana shrimp omelet, it was so yummy.  That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole day!   We had a great time visiting and just enjoying each other’s company.

IMG_0867        IMG_0868

Doug and I then went out and did a little shopping, didn’t buy anything except for some tiny slices of choc cheesecake for later.  Around 2 or so, Candis and my Dad joined us and we exchanged gifts.  Dad’s birthday was the 8th of March.  The weather was beautiful outside and so we played with the grandkids!


That is Annalee, almost 2 years old and just as sweet as the flowers she’s blowing on!

IMG_0877   IMG_0885 IMG_0884

Grandpa Doug and Annalee clowning around!

IMG_0889 IMG_0889 IMG_0894


IMG_0897 IMG_0898


Kathy had to work and since I was manning the camera, well….  Kathy and Jenny did give me a beautiful bouquet for my birthday!

It was a great birthday!

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