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A little note:

Before we go any further with the blocks, just a reminder that all blocks are 6.5 inches squared.  I have found this project to be addictive and have already made a half dozen blocks or so in the past week.   As I have been reading and studying the patterns, these blocks are fairly simple if you know how to make certain basic blocks and you can use the basic blocks to create beautiful stars!

The first 10 blocks will require only one block each.  When we get to the 11th block, then it will be 2 blocks each.  At block 19, we will make 3 blocks, and at block 23 and 24, it will be 4 blocks each.

The basic formula is 2 inch and 2.5 inch squared with 4 and 4.5 inches thrown in for good measure, and just a pinch of a few other sizes to make it interesting.  I have also found that making half-square triangles works a lot easier for me, at least, rather than making flying geese.  Once you get the basic formula down, the blocks go together fairly quickly as you can mix and match.

We will be making a lot of half-square triangles, four patch, nine patch, and fairly easy blocks that go together to make beautiful blocks. I have also found that I am using a lot of my 10 inch squares and when I cut, I go ahead and make as many 2 and 2.5 inch squares as possible, as I am mixing and matching the fabric to give the quilt some continuity.   There are other sizes to cut and I will let you know as we go along.   This is a good stash buster idea to use up your stash.


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