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Oh, My Stars Block #1 Nelson’s Victory

    Oh, My Stars!

Block #1: Nelson’s Victory. Remember that all blocks need to be 6.5 inches squared. I have provided the measurements that you will need. As I get a little confused on directions, I will post the link for you below.

You will need:

A. Four 2 inch squares of a light color and four 2.5 inch squares cut in half diagonally.

B. Four 2 inch squares of a medium to dark color cut in half diagonally to make 4 triangles.

C. Two 2 inch squares of a neutral color cut in half diagonally to make 4 triangles.

The remainder of the instructions for sewing the block together can be found at http://www.quilterscache.com/N/NelsonsVictoryBlock.html.

A note: I find it easier to make half-square triangle blocks rather than flying geese for the center of the block.

I have chosen 2 shades of red and a cream for the background. I will be posting a picture of my finished block this afternoon.  I actually have a huge bin full of 10 inch squares that I plan to use for this quilt.  A very odd selection of interesting fabrics that are not exactly my favorite.  But I figure I can cut them small enough where the print isn’t too loud.  

IMG_0450These are the prints that I chose.


IMG_0452The center pinwheel of the block using half square triangles instead of flying geese.


IMG_0454 The block laid out before sewing.

IMG_0456The finished 6.5 inch square block.   Stay tuned next Saturday for the second block.  The third block will be posted early on March 14 as we will  be out of that town that weekend.  Enjoy!


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