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Hi Everyone 

I have spent the last 3 weeks fighting with this issue and studying up on it and have a few hard learned lessons to share. 

Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba3yUNUvC20. The music is really sappy, but a lot of good info and shows you step-by-step. I would watch the ones under it too as they helped me a lot and they have explanations on what to do and why. You can even trace the hacker and find out where he is. Still learning how to get rid of them.

You should connect to the internet for this to your email account and use the On Screen Keyboard. Directions below.

The instructions are: 
1. Ctr Alt Delete to bring up task manager
2. Go to View and columns
3. Click PID, the screen will come back with a list
4. Click view all processes
5. Then go to Start, Accessories, Run
6. Type in cmd.
7. Screen will come up with your user name
8. Type in NETSTAT (doesn’t matter if lower case or not)
9. After NETSTAT, hit space, then type -ANO, then enter
10. If you see ESTABLISHED, then you have a hacker.
11. Go to the far right of the screen and it will give you a number. It will change every time you do this.
12. Use that number and compare it to the screen on task manager. It will be right after the image name called PID. From there you can see what the process is and if they are active or not. Select that row and press END PROCESS. This will shut them down temporarily and you will be free of him for a short time. Some of these might be programs that you have installed and if you want, you can uninstall them.  Some of them might be your own security and antivirus programs that you use to protect your computer. Might be time to change programs.
13. Go to View and click Refresh and your hacker will be gone.
14. Repeat the same process from 5-10 and the hacker will be gone too from your DOS screen.

If you find that the hacker has gone too deep in your files and is slowing your computer down and or not working properly, then you need to do a new install of Windows 7.   PLEASE NOTE:   If you find that when you start to install Windows 7 and there is a partition called DISK DRIVE D, that is where your hacker is.  I would do the following as this partition will  not go away as the hacker has control over it,  start over again.  This time, DO NOT  use that same disk.  If you have a copy of Windows 7, use that or you can go Microsoft website and download it.  I believe that you   can do a free trial from there.  When you have it installed, then  just use the activation code from your CD and you should be fine.  What happens is that the hacker uses your old files to control the computer.   Or you can ask Microsoft for help with one of their technicians.  If you do use that same disk, it will bring over your Windows.old files.  You can delete them as they are just in storage and cannot be accessed anyway.  They are using up valuable disk space.

Here is how to tell if this is me or not:

1.   I am not using my true name Donna any longer and no bylines underneath.  I will only use “Donna” if I am sending a private email.

2.  Check the sender at the heading.  My email address medtran2@sbcglobal.net will be listed.  I AM NOT USING LIVE MAIL OR HOTMAIL AT ALL. I have closed and deleted that account.  I am only using luv2cutfab@gmail.com  and receive all my mail there including my sbcglobal.net account.  It takes Hotmail 30 days to completely close that account. 

3.  Going back to the header, at the very end, you will see the identity of the true sender.  Click on their email address, highlight, send to your blocked  senders list and then contact Microsoft support to report them as a SPAMMER.


1.   Export all your contacts to a file.  It will go to excel as a spreadsheet.  Print and save.  Don’t save your contact list or add new contacts.  SPAMMERS use that to check all your contacts, cut and paste into your send to header and then send to your friends.  Now send all your contacts to your SAFE SENDER list and use from there using On Screen Keyboard.

2.  On Screen Keyboard is very helpful.  SPAMMERS AND HACKERS can tell what you are typing from your keyboard as they already have access to it. On Screen Keyboard is designed for people with disabilities and the SPAMMERS and HACKERS cannot see what you’re doing because it is on screen.  You can access On Screen Keyboard by going to Accessories, Easy Access, On Screen Keyboard.

3.  Use your On Screen Keyboard to log in to your accounts.  Also, to enter your emails when sending

4.  Check your SENT FOLDER OFTEN.  If you see anything suspicious, DELETE. 

5.   IF you think you have been attacked, go to:  Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba3yUNUvC20. The music is really sappy, but a lot of good info and shows you step-by-step. I would watch the ones under it too as they helped me a lot and they have explanations on what to do and why. You can even trace the hacker and find out where he is. Still learning how to get rid of them

6.  Change your signature line now and then or don’t use.   Make up a new signature line but don’t save it in your email account.  


For the On Screen keyboard, go to Accessories, Ease of Access, and click to open the file. On Screen Keyboard is there and you can pin it to the task bar. It’s designed for people with handicaps. Use that to type in your email and password when logging in as the hacker cannot see what you are doing. When you use the regular keyboard, they can guess from that and hack in from the strokes you are using. Also, check your settings and change your password a lot. Don’t stay logged in as they can attack easily. Set your security settings to the highest and check to see if they have disabled your firewall settings. 

Good luck.






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