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What a busy weekend this has been!  If this were a TV series, it would have all the ingredients needed to make it interesting!  You add in a little drama, beauty, and zany family and a happy ending and there you go, a mini TV show!

I guess I should start with the week before last.  As I was getting ready for the day, I got a phone call from my daughter, Jenny, in Michigan.  Ariel’s mother, Eva, was in the ICU after having had a hysterectomy and someone accidentally nicked her colon.  That meant removing part of her colon, emptying it, and her winding up in intensive care for about 3 or 4 days.  Now, Eva lives in Tulare County which is just about an hour from us, and was in the hospital there.  Ariel lives in Michigan and wanted to come and see his mother and help take care of her.  We spent a while discussing the plans and decided to take the train into town.  While here, Ariel planned to visit family, including us.  Jenny works in retail and with Easter so close, she was  unable to come.  Ariel gathered up Matthew (my grandson) and brought him back here.

And the plot thickens…… Ariel called Amtrak to make a reservation for Las Vegas, Nevada, as it costs extra to come into California with the Rocky Mountains and all.  He was in a hurry and didn’t realize until later that he had booked it for Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Who knew that there was a Las Vegas there?  I guess that NV and NM look alike in that small print!   That meant he had to book a car and drive from NM instead.

Meanwhile, the shower and the quilt show are getting closer.  I worked on baby quilts and blankets and was finally ready.  After that, I concentrated on cleaning my house and it was looking pretty good, considering it’s a small house and my hubby is a pack rat.  Can you believe it I actually got him to clean out the front room so we could actually sit down?

My sister Candis had been deciding whether to come or not.  As soon as I thought she was coming, she would change her mind!  She lives in Camino up above Placerville and they had just gotten a lot of snow.  Over the weekend, someone hit her car.  It was in the driveway, minding it’s own business and somebody’s car skidded, and slid into her driveway, hitting her SUV making it turn, smashing the headlight and the front end.  The person responsible didn’t leave a note or anything. A hit and run!  She called the police and they are looking for who did it.  It’s going to cost a bundle to get that taken care of.

On our end again, the clutch in our car decided to go out.  Doug made an appointment to get it fixed for this Monday.  This happened over the weekend, of course.  We were still able to drive it, but very carefully and not for very long periods at a time.  Good thing I had all my shopping and errands taken care of before this happened.

Thursday night–Friday morning.  Ariel arrived in Tulare and visiting with his mother.  She had gotten out of the ICU and was in critical care.  Matt, since he is only 9, wasn’t allowed to go in and visit.  They spent the weekend there and planned to see us this week.  Eva is a very petite woman, and the scar that she has goes up from the belly to the chest and makes a curve going back down again.  She said, through Ariel, that she was feeling a little better but very sore.  Eva, like every good mother, is the type who no matter how she feels, will get up and do everything for you.  We have all been telling her and Ariel that now he and his siblings need to do for her and  make her stay put in bed.  That is going to the hardest part of her recovery is staying still and healing and letting someone else do it for you.

Candis finally decides that she is coming on down to Fresno.  She stopped on Saturday at her friend’s house in Exeter and visited Uncle Ross, Vincelle and other family in Reedley.  Uncle Ross is a bachelor and is 86, so she and my dad went ahead and made up some dinners for him.  They all had a good visit.  I was working all day in between the finishing touches of cleaning before she arrived.

Of course, during this week we had lovely weather, nice, cool and with a breeze.  Sunday was the exception.  It was threatening rain on the day of the shower and the quilt show.  And boy did it ever deliver, especially Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Kathy had planned to have the party outside at Woodward Park, but wisely decided to move it to An’s parents house.  They have a large patio and set up tarps to keep the rain out.  Ooops, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Candis arrived about 1230 Sunday afternoon.  After visiting for a bit, we went to the San Joaquin Valley Quilt Show!  It was out on Clinton Ave and by the freeway.  We were laughing about finding it as it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and I said that as soon as we stopped to look at directions, there it would be.  As it turns out, it was just like that!  We have over 200 quilters in our guild and they are all very talented.  It was a huge turnout and we had about 5 vendors there along with displays of gorgeous quilts!  Here is a sampling:

Of course, I went to the quilt show and forgot to put new batteries in my camera, so my sister took these pictures.  About 10 minutes into taking pictures, they announced that they had the disk available for sale with all the quilts displayed.  I tried to copy the pictures but since it is copyrighted, I am not able to share them with you.  My apologies, as there were some beautiful creations that I wish could share.  This was my first real quilt show and I was very impressed with the creations!  Too beautiful to describe in words alone.

After staying at the quilt show for a bit, we then headed to the double baby shower for Kathy and Youn.  We arrived and the sky was very cloudy with rain threatening with just a bit of the sun weakly showing through the clouds.  Luckily, it did not rain, but it was cold and windy.

An’s parents are Cambodian and are excellent cooks!  They served us homemade egg rolls, satay, ribs, papaya salad, and other goodies!  Kathy made 2 edible fruit bowls that were absolutely delicious!

The cakes were so cute!   This is Youn’s cake: 

And Kathy’s cake: 

We didn’t stay very long as the weather was getting pretty cold and Candis had a long drive back to Camino with only one headlight working.  Here are some more family photos:


An’s mother made sure that we had plenty of egg rolls and satay to take home with us as a snack.  Believe me, they did not last long.  So yummy!

Fast forwarding to Monday.  We had talked to Ariel on Saturday and they were coming to Fresno for a visit.  We had them over for pizza on Monday and had a wonderful visit.  Matt looks so much like his mother and is such a clown.  He and Sam hit it off right off the bat and were running around in Sam’s house like wild indians, chasing each other with Nerf guns and whatever.

Doug had decided that he wanted to give Ariel some money to help the cost of the train.  Ariel told him it was not necessary.  As he was driving in from NM, there was a lot of traffic on the road so they decided to stop for a bit.  There was a combination hotel, casino and play area and they pulled off.  They had some lunch and Ariel put Matt in the play area for a bit.  He gambled a little bit and won $1000 off of some  slot machines and a few other games.  Pretty lucky!

He visited his mother and she was doing a lot better.  We had a really good time and the guys sat around and talked for a while.  Here are some pictures:

Now for a happy ending; Ariel spent Monday night and we had a chance to catch up a little more the next day before he left for Tulare.  He called yesterday, Wednesday, and he is bringing Eva home from the hospital.  Now for the hard part of the recovery, staying put and letting someone else take care of her.  I had a wonderful time both at the Quilt Show and the shower and also seeing my grandson and son-in-law.  Kathy and Youn both received a lot of great baby gifts.  Our car is being picked up this morning, Candis’ SUV is in the shop.

What a wonderful way to end!

Chat later!


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