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Wow, what a week this has been. Or should I say, month. Since the beginning of November, I have been down, off and on, with walking pneumonia. I am still trying to get it out of my system and it just doesn’t want to leave. My apologies for not following through on emails, notes, projects, blogging, etc. Just not enough energy lately to get even the minimal amount done on the computer, except for work.

Speaking of work, I am technically at work now, but there are no jobs in the queue and that means no editing or typing, and less money. I get paid by the line, not the hour. So, while it is quiet I am catching up. I have addressed and printed out my newsletter to our family and friends and will be mailing that soon. Of course, I went to the store today to mainly buy some stamps and veggies, and of course, what do I walk away without? Stamps!

Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday? Doug and I did. We went to Joann’s yesterday morning and the line for the cutting table, at 8 a.m. was very long, snaking around several aisles, and the same for the checkout stand! I have been looking at and wanting a Serger for a while and Joann’s actually had the lowest price, $179 with 25%. We had looked online at other places, but this was the best price, almost $120 less than the other stores. Doug wound up buying me a Singer Serger Pro-Finish as my Christmas present. Pretty good deal, I think. They even had samples of quilt blocks that people who had taken their classes had made with the Serger. I get free classes with this machine. Looking forward to playing with it. Sad thing is I have to wait til Christmas to open it. That’s ok; I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. Now, I have to buy something really nice for him….. He’s still deciding what he wants.

Sew, what is everyone up to?  Me, I’m so far behind on everything.  I have several baby blanket/quilts that need binding so I can deliver them to the Marjoree Mason Center.  I also have several quilts for Valley Children’s Hospital and the VA to finish up.  These are gifts that I give as donations for my family each year as several of us already have practically everything we need, or will go out and buy what we need ourselves.  I’m not even going to think about my projects left over from this year, yet!  Overload! 

Right now, my sewing room is a mess of patterns, fabric, thread, and whatever all over the place.  Wish I could blame the cats for that, but no, it’s all me! 

Sunday, I will be cleaning the front room and clearing out some stuff so we can decorate.  I also need to clean my kitchen pantry out so I can see what I need for baking this year.  I will do some baking but not very much for us, as Doug has diabetes.  This will go to the kids and then I will take most of it to the Marjoree Mason Center for the children.   I put each quilt in a gift bag with a soft plush toy.  The center is for abused and battered women and most of them come in with nothing more than they are wearing, and I feel that every baby should have their own blanket.  I hope to deliver them before the 20th.  So much to do and time is running away from me.  I still have some shopping to do, but not too much left.

That’s about it for what I’ve been up to.  Sew, will close for now.  Chat soon!

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