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Hi Everyone
Prayers, good wishes and good thoughts to everyone!
I’m back and feeling better.  What an ordeal this has been.  Went to the doctor on Monday and found out that it was allergies that was causing my problems so am now finishing up a course of prednisone.  I had forgotten how fast that works, broke the cycle of cold/allergy symptoms and feel a lot better!  Still having issues with my vision.  Picked up a prescription for an ointment.  Turns out I had a rash on my eyelid.  About drove me nuts.  Get this, 3.5 ounces cost me $35. for that tiny little tube.  Good thing it was Kaiser’s price!  It seems to be working, but I will always have dry eyes and have to protect my eyes as I cannot produce tears.  I have another appt with my eye doctor to get my right tear duct taken care of and that should solve a few problems, maybe! 
I haven’t done any sewing for a few weeks as I don’t think its safe to use a rotary cutter with blurred vision!    But I have been cleaning out my fabric closet.  WOW!  I cannot believe how much I have.  I have been folding my yardage into minibolts using the ruler method and have a lot more room this way!  I just put in a good movie and fold as I watch, goes pretty fast I am also culling through it, and have found several pieces that I really do not like and will not use, so I have a big bag full of stuff to give away.  Mostly older fabric that is see through or really just tired and old, some plaids, checks, really NEON colors, and odd prints that I know I will never use.  That is making space for fabric too.  Also, nothing smaller than 1/2 yard goes in there, the rest in bins that already sorted.  Not enough shelf space for FQ and yardage too.  I have the top shelf done and part of the second shelf done.  Looks so nice and tidy and easier to see what I have at a glance!  I love how it is turning out.   
It is now a few days later and I just finished my fabric closet today and BOY what a difference folding your fabric makes in the way of saving space!  Here is a before and after picture.
DH is now working on shelving that will fit underneath my cutting table made out of PVC,  This will make my bins slide out easier, and room for drawers also. It is so nice to have everything organized.  Well, except for one bin that is stuffed full of odds and ends.
Now then, what to do with this huge bin full of fabric that seems to be unwanted any longer. When I went through my fabric, I was ruthless and put a lot of fabric aside as I really don’t know what to do with it, and also it’s not really anything that I will use, or else, just way too much of one fabric that needs to be shared with someone else.  Once I get it organized, I will post pictures and see who wants what. Stay tuned.
It really felt good to purge my fabric and it really needed to be done. It’s really a very freeing feeling and I feel a lot more happier with it. 

On another note, my sister had a scare with her cat, Stan, the other day.  For all cat lovers, this is fairly important and you may not know of it, but apparently cats can throw a clot.  Throwing a clot is a sign of heart disease in felines, and they throw micro clots to the hind legs and tail, which can paralyze and kill a cat.  Well, Stan threw a clot but it was a small one and he is now regaining the use of his left hind leg. He is now on Plavix and other meds, and had an ultrasound to check his heart.  It was minor but it can get worse.  They can’t predict when it will happen or in what breed of cat or even the age.  Take your kitties in and have your vet check for murmurs or other odd sounds in their heart and get them checked out.  Might save your kitty.  For more information visit:  http://www.catchow.com/cat-advice/question/default.aspx?questionid=943.  Mine have an appt for next week.


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    Great blog post, saw on…

  2. Donna,
    Quilts beyond borders accepts any fabric larger than one inch square and they would really appreciate any fabric that you might want to donate. Glad your feeling better.

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