Way off schedule

Yesterday, Saturday morning dawned bright and new and full of hope, along with dreams for a relaxing morning before starting work in the afternoon.  We had dodged the snow that was promised for the morning, and it was crisp and cold.  Kathy, An, Doug and I had an appointment at a spa for the morning at 9 a.m. sharp.  This was to be a couples day for haircuts and a mini massage, a gift from An to Kathy for Valentine’s Day and an early birthday gift for me.   We were excited to do this together, and I was hoping that they would talk Doug into getting a shave so that I could finally see his face without a beard in 15 years (0r more). 

Well, Doug and I are the kind of people who are early for everything, Doug more so than me, actually almost neurotic (for those that know us well) about it.  Drives me and others up the wall.  Just to be on the safe side, we decided to get there a little early so that we could find the place.  No problem with that, after driving around the parking lot and then finding it in the rear of the complex, still plenty of time.  Oh, and by the way, did I forget to mention that in addition, Doug keeps his watch fast, so we were actually earlier. 

Well, we pull into the driveway and we get out and check to see if it is open or not.  After all, we had a 9 a.m. appointment and they should be at least inside getting ready, or so we thought and hoped.  Nope, the door was locked.  Okay, we’re a little early and so maybe they open at 9 and were getting prepared.  Should have known better than that by looking around the parking lot.  Our car was the only one…….. there………… at all!   Well, maybe due to the parking lot and lots of open spaces, they had decided to park in the front and leave the rear parking lot open for visitors and clients.  Come on, I’m an eternal optimist and have the patience of Job.  Now, if you have met my husband, he is the exact opposite.  Makes it real fun at times! 

So, we are sitting in the car.  Good thing Little Sam was spending the night with his Grandma Pok and cousins.  Throw him into the mix with this at 9 am, a little 3 year old, not quite awake and fussy.  I was counting my blessings for that.  Okay, to make a short story long and interesting, here I go.  We sat in the car for another 10  minutes, as it  wasn’t quite 9 yet.  Kathy checked the door, no one there still.  So, we waited again.  Doug was getting upset and so was Kathy.  I figured that something had happened and they were running late and was going to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Things happen.  Now, you see why I’m glad Little Sam wasn’t there!  Finally, about 9:30, a car pulled up and a woman with some bags got out.  She shot us a not too friendly look and opened the door, but locked it again  before we could get out.   Okay, she was running late, I thought, and so did Kathy, and Doug was getting agitated and thinking the worst.  An, surprisingly, was calm and he had paid for all this. 

We waited a few minutes to see if she was getting things together and Kathy went up and knocked on the glass door to get her attention.  The owner said that they were not open until 10 a.m.    WAIT!  WHAT THE HECK!   We’ve been sitting here for almost 45 minutes for a 9 am appointment and they’re not open.  Kathy came back and told us, and then Doug went into action and went to the door with Kathy.  Now, even though Doug can be impatient and get upset, he can be surprisingly calm when dealing with people.  It’s amazing, he has the greatest people skills and can handle most situations calmly but he doesn’t like to be around people.  Now mind you, this is with other people, not me, his wife!  🙂

They went in and talked to the owner.  She said that we didn’t have an appointment and that they don’t open until 10 am on Saturdays and they were totally booked for the day and we would have to reschedule.  Kathy explained that they did have an appointment.  The owner said that the person who booked the appointment has been screwing up and she didn’t have any information on this, that he had been booking appointments when they were not open, double booking and just not paying attention at all to her hours.  This was through a call center and since they were part of a corporation, we would have to go through them.  She did apologize but didn’t offer us anything else.  Now, this is when An got upset and since he works for a corporation also, he knew what was going on and was really angry at the whole situation.  He showed her the credit card receipt and appointments and she apologized again, but nothing else.  Fairly upsetting day. 

We decided to go ahead and go to the bookstores and shop around a bit before going home.  We then went and had a nice breakfast and then An decided he wanted to go and get some sort of wire for a game.  He is a manager of a GameStop and there was one next door to where we had breakfast.  I went in as I wanted to see what they had available.  An was talking to the manager there, and Kathy comes in.   She says that one of An’s assistant managers didn’t show up for work and that the store should’ve opened an hour and a half ago.  Turns out that the AM decided that he would rather do something else for the day and left his staff there waiting  for him as he had the key.  Needless to say, there were a lot of angry customers and staff, plus An.   We headed home and let An take care of his business.  What a way to start and end a morning, Way OFF SCHEDULE!  

We did have a couple of pleasant hours in between with breakfast and doing a little shopping.  It was good to see my kids for a bit and visit.   My husband, on the other hand, may see this differently!

The eternal optimist signing off for now,


About cozyquilts

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Donna. My hubby is retired and I am still working from home. I have twin daughters and am blessed with 4 grandchildren. We are owned by 4 cats that love to supervise and are very nosy. I have been quilting since 1996. In addition to making quilts for my family and friends, I also make charity quilts for Marjoree Mason Center and Valley Children's Hospital. Marjoree Mason Center is a local organization here that helps and supports battered and abused women and children get out of abusive relationships. Every Christmas I make several baby quilts for the women, along with a small stuffed animal. Valley Children's Hospital is a new venture for me that just started this year. Every month or so I drop off a couple of quilts along with a small toy, for the children. I use a lot of bright, fun fabrics to help cheer them up. I do special order quilts but please be advised in advance as I work full-time in addition to quilting, I only do a few during the year. Also, it may take up to 6 months to a year to completely finish a quilt as my sewing time is limited. I only do applique or patchwork and will incorporate machine embroidery into my patterns, when requested. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you and friends again soon.
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