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Sam’s Third Birthday Party

Hello and  welcome to a short story about Sam and his friends.

The story begins in a not too far away place called Story Land in Roeding Park.  It was a little chilly and raining, but more of a  light drizzle with the sun trying to peek through the clouds.  Imagine a park full of children’s stories, where a magic key brings them all to life!   Here is the entry to the magical playground.

 After a climb up the pathway, we came to the castle where King Sam would reign for the day. 

Here is Sam and Mom, Kathy at the entry to the castle.

And inside the castle:

After all was set up for King Sam’s birthday, we decided to walk around the park.  With Sam’s magical key, we were able to listen to the stories, but Sam was having so much fun with his friends that he didn’t want to listen to the stories and wanted to run around and explore, just like any 3 year old little boy! 


After playing outside for a while, we all decided it was time for PIZZA and soda!  Inside the castle!

And then a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey!  Very exciting!

We then went for a train ride around the park.  Here is a picture of the train and our engineer.

After the train ride, we hiked up to the castle and had a few swings at Spiderman.  (A pinata)

At this point my pictures end as my memory on the camera was full, but the story goes on.  After the pinata, we went in for cake and opening presents.  As we were serving the cake, we were told by the caretaker that the park would be closing in 15 minutes due to the rain, so after the cake we cleaned up.  We then came back home to Kathy’s home and Sam opened his gifts there with several of his friends.  They had a blast and Sam got a lot of cool things, especially Nerf guns, an Iron Man Helmet, and lots of goodies.

Thank you for listening to a grandma go on about her grandson!

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  1. Hey, thanks for Samnang’s birthday party story & pics — looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Wish we could have been there to enjoy it with you.
    Keep the news coming,
    Tra & JJ

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