Heart of Mine Mystery Quilt, Part 3

Welcome back to part 3

This is the first block for the quilt and is called a Striped Heart.  It measures 9.5 squared when finished with a border.  Without the border it is 8 inches.  I’m sewing the border on in advance as part of the block itself to coordinate with sashing in between the blocks.  You’ll see as we go along.

Fabric Requirements for this block.  As I said earlier, this can be used with either FQ, yardage or just plain scraps.  I’m using scraps as I believe in using what I have before the scraps take over my sewing room!  I actually used 4 different 6 inch charms and have enough left over for another block, so it doesn’t use much fabric at all.   You will need 4 different red or pink prints for this block.

White Fabric, tone or WOW 

4 7/8 x 4 7/8 inch  (1) Cut into triangle.  You will use this  with Red or Pink Print #1.

2 x 2 inch squared (4)

Red or Pink Print #1    4 7/8 x 4 7/8  (1)  Cut into triangle

Red or Pink Print #2    4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches (2)   You will use with #3.

Red or Pink Print #3    4 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches (2)    You will use with #2.

Red or Pink Print #4    4 1/2 x 2 inches   These will become your flying geese units with the four from the white fabric.

Just to let you know, the pattern I was using must of have been written and then translated from another language as I had a lot of problems understanding the pattern, so I am rewriting so it’s a little easier to follow.   I also am a visual learner and believe that pictures can tell you more than words can, so my instructions are usually brief and to the point.  In advance, I should let you know it’s easier for me to just go ahead and do the pattern than it is for me to write it, so please be patient with me!    Thank you in advance.

STEP ONE AND TWO:   I combined both steps to make it easier (and I also forgot to take a picture).   Now that we have our fabric chosen and cut, we can get started on the actual sewing. As you can see from the unfinished block, it goes together fairly quickly (once you understand the original directions).   Believe me, I had to do a little frogging to get this done before I was happy with it.  This is a sample block, so please do not judge my work from my sample.  I actually can sew straight!  LOL!!

As you can see above, you will need your red #2 and red #3 pieces.  Sew one red to the other red and repeat.  Then sew both units together.  Doesn’t matter which way as it will work out. 

STEP  THREE:  This has a few more steps than the first but if you can do a flying geese, you will be okay.  


STEP #4:  Now sew the 2 flying geese together and then sew to the top of the block. 

STEP #5:   Now take the triangles, sew them together to form 2 squares.   

And place them so: 

STEP 6:  Then sew together the 2 blocks, and then attach to the bottom part of the block, and you have your first block done!  That is, if you decide to do the border later.  Personally, I like doing the border at the same time.

And here is the finished block! 

For the borders, I used 1.5 inch strips, two were 8.5 inches for the top and bottom, and the other two were 10 inches for the sides, making a very simple but pretty frame for this block.

You will need 4 of these blocks in different reds and whites.

Thank you for playing along!  The next block will be posted sometime this coming Sunday, Jan 30.  See you then!

About cozyquilts

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Donna. My hubby is retired and I am still working from home. I have twin daughters and am blessed with 4 grandchildren. We are owned by 4 cats that love to supervise and are very nosy. I have been quilting since 1996. In addition to making quilts for my family and friends, I also make charity quilts for Marjoree Mason Center and Valley Children's Hospital. Marjoree Mason Center is a local organization here that helps and supports battered and abused women and children get out of abusive relationships. Every Christmas I make several baby quilts for the women, along with a small stuffed animal. Valley Children's Hospital is a new venture for me that just started this year. Every month or so I drop off a couple of quilts along with a small toy, for the children. I use a lot of bright, fun fabrics to help cheer them up. I do special order quilts but please be advised in advance as I work full-time in addition to quilting, I only do a few during the year. Also, it may take up to 6 months to a year to completely finish a quilt as my sewing time is limited. I only do applique or patchwork and will incorporate machine embroidery into my patterns, when requested. Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you and friends again soon.
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4 Responses to Heart of Mine Mystery Quilt, Part 3

  1. Claudia says:

    My first four blocks turned out nice. Can hardly wait to see what we do today.

    • cozyquilts says:

      Hi Claudia

      I would love to see them!

      Why don’t you post a picture here? I’m sure others would love to see them, too! Would be good for discussion!

      Thank you for being such a great friend!

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