Trees, Trees, and yet more Trees!

What a way to start off the morning!  About 2:30 this morning, we heard a loud thunk, clunk and a crash outside our bedroom window!  We have a pine tree in front that is over 100 feet high, and one of the branches had fallen off and onto our DD’s car, smashing the rear window completely.  The branch that fell was over 12 feet in length and about half that width.  Thankfully it didn’t do more damage than that, just a couple of dents.  I’m just glad that it didn’t  hit the house!
Tomorrow, we have someone coming over to take the tree out.  We’re still waiting to hear what her insurance says about the car.
Speaking of trees, yesterday I finished a small lap quilt with trees all over it.  I gave it to a friend of mine for her FIL who lives in Montana.  Reminded me of that area. 

Well, out of about 3000 1.5 charms I have about 30 4 squares made so far.  Gotta a long way to go before I finish but I’ll keep plodding along…….. 

I finished a baby quilt this afternoon while my friend was here.  I started her on doing some strip pieces and when she comes back we’ll cut them to the size that we need.  She wants to do this herself and so far she is doing terrific!  It was a lot of fun, chatting and having lunch together.  I have 2 other baby quilts ready to be sandwiched tomorrow and then bound.  These are cheater panels so they go together very easily.  I will be giving these to the Marjoree Mason Center as  my Christmas project.
I also have another lap quilt laid out but still deciding on the borders for it.  It’s a mix of churn dash and friendship stars. Yet another batch of blocks that came my way.  Feels good to be productive and finishing some UFOs.
That’s about it for now.  Chat later!

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