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One bad thing turned into 3 good surprises!

What a morning this has been.  And to think it all started with my computer not wanting to work.  At ALL!  So, I call my DD and asked if her hubby could come over and help me.  An sent Kathy over with the CD and I tried that but nothing happened.  So, I wasn’t able to work as I don’t have a backup computer.
While she was here, she informed me that she thought she might be pregnant!  Imagine my surprise at the news and a little shocked!  Actually I was more preoccupied with the computer and as they were going to the doctor’s anyway, I thought it could wait.  So, I continued to try to get the computer worked, but not really too upset about it.  I called my supervisor and told her what was going on with it and asked about the training.  Melissa (supervisor) told me that since they only train 3 days a week and it’s mandatory, to just go ahead and finish up on Tuesday and then I would be let loose to work.  So, I’m now EMPLOYED by Breitner and am very happy.  They like my work and how well I’m coming along so I will (as of the end of Tuesday) be a permanent employee!  WOOHOO!
After talking to Melissa, my daughter calls and tells me that she is definitely pregnant, so more good NEWS!!  But still the computer does not want to work.  An came over a while ago and checked it out for me and found out that the driver wasn’t reading the hard drive, so he reconfigured it and played with the BIOS and now all is right with the world again! 
So, now I’m counting my blessings!  First, but not most important is that I have a son-in-law who works magic with computers and I am up and running again!  Second, I have a new job and I really feel good and comfortable with them!  And most importantly, you can call me GRANDMA again for the 3rd time! 
Didn’t mean to go on and on but it was worth it, huh!! 
Grandma Donna
PS:  I’m hoping for a girl this time! 

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