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Oh, Sew Much

Hello and welcome back!


Now, I have another project, actually 2 going on.  I have a medium sized wallhanging that is sandwiched and ready to be quilted.  It is 4 Log Cabin blocks that I received in a swap but were a little wonky.  So, rather than wasting them, I squared them up the best I could, put some bright binding and borders around it, and it looks very nice!  It’s in Christmas colors but who knows, maybe I will sell it or use it as an emergency gift later on.  SInce it’s not very big it won’t take all that long to finish the quilting and binding.


My other new project is a Polka-Dot Sudoku quilt.  I plan on donating this to Valley Children’s Hospital.  It’s in bright colors and makes me happy just seeing the colors.  Hope it will make a child happy!  I am thinking of either doing polka dot sashing in a piano key style or maybe doing some bright plaids.  Goodness knows I have plenty of both.  Will decide that later.  Still have to sew it together. 


I have made some progress on my UFO List for 2009, mainly finishing one from 1996.  Actually, I made it into a huge pillow.  Just got tired of it fighting with me to be made, and now it can be used in a different way.  The other project, also from 1996, is being traded to another quilter to have fun with.  Same 4-patch pattern but, again, problems with it and also I got tired of it.  Hence, a new home for it.  Sometimes, you just have to know when to say goodbye to a project!  Here is my list of projects that I want to finish this year, but as you all know, lists are subject to change for whatever reason.  I’m afraid to list what all I want to do, have to do, plan to and wish to do as it would take up more space than my fabric!  lol!

Here goes:

1. Monochrome spider web quilt.

2.  QOV Rail Fence top will be quilted by longarmer.


3.  A 4-patch pumpkin quilt. FINISHED!!!

4. Two baby quilts. FINISHED!!!

5.  Another 4-patch quilt. Traded to another quilter

6.  Cat quilt.


Tennessee quilt.

8. Bonnie Hunt’s Bargello.

9.  A 9-patch mystery quilt.

10. Four Squares mystery quilt.

11. Five charity 4-square quilts.


Will post pictures soon. Gotta run for now!

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