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A Mix of Shortages

Hi Everyone
This week has been fairly productive for me.  I have another quilt that is finished except for some embellishment on it.  Not going to say what it is as I’m going to enter it for the POM.  I will say this, though, yesterday was a good day!  I was going to put the binding on a quilt, a nice dark red, got it on about half-way and run out of binding.  So, I look frantically for more binding, and all I have is a lighter red.  Not going to work.  So, DH and I go to Joann’s with the intention of buying some more binding, but in a dark green.  I go and buy it, have a coupon for it and get 2 packages for only $2.92.  What a great deal!  NOT!  I get home, open the package and it is bias tape!   Right color, wrong product.  They have them right next to each other, so I had grabbed the wrong one by accident.  Oh well, I can use it for something else.
SO, I get ready to sew the binding on, deciding to go back to plan 2.  I get the binding pinned on, the light red, and guess what?!   I wind up short by about 6 inches.  No more light red.  So, I find the dark red and sew it on!  Actually when you look at it, you can’t really tell unless it’s under a very good light!  At least it is quilted and bound. 
That reminds me.  I was doing the quilting on this same quilt.  I had a spool of green thread on top and thought that there was enough on there to finish it.  I was in the zone, just zipping along and all of a sudden I notice that there is no thread in the needle.  I’m thinking, did the thread break or what?  No.  The spool had completely run out!  So, I look in my small spools of thread that I’m trying to use up before getting into the larger spools.  Yes, you guessed it!  NOT a single small spool of green thread to be seen anywhere.  NO, I didn’t go to Joann’s though.  I had a large spool of green in my bin and finished it with that!  
I did finish a baby quilt except for some yo-yos that I want to make.  I am going to use pastel colors with hearts and flowers shapes.  What a great way to hide mistakes. 
Not much else happening.  I was ill earlier this week and didn’t get as much as I wanted done.  Right now, I am having a cup of coffee and watching Fons & Porter, and about to go and do some sewing.  We have had rain for the past couple of days and I think there is more to come.  Good, we can really use it! 
Chat later.

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