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Can you believe it is already the middle of October? How many of us have our Christmas quilting finished yet? Certainly not me, even though I had the best laid plans and intentions through the year. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the holiday season approaching so quickly? Then it is time to do a retreat and get sewing!

Join us on October 20 through 24 for 5 days of sewing. Don’t have to pack up anything or spend any money on a hotel, unless you want to! Just join in online and sew from home. I will be adding in some new, quick, easy patterns for holiday sewing, and we can chat as we sew! Hope to see you here!

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Donna Coppin's photo.

MAIL OUT DATE: June 1, 2016


YIKES! I accidentally opened the dungeon door just to check on them and they escaped! I had them under lock and key to keep them from breeding and they took over my good fabric and now they are threatening to take over my sewing room! It’s not a pretty sight! Now, it’s time for them to leave! Um, I mean, go to another home. You see, some are just not as pretty as others and some have a reputation for just not playing well with others, and that is why I had them hidden away.

My challenge, should you dare to accept, is that I send you two (2) 10 inch pieces, sight unseen, for you to play with. Let’s see what you can make with these “beauties” using just 2 other pieces of fabric. I will take sign-ups until May 31 and then mail out on June 1. Remember, once you get them, they are YOURS! No givebacks! You will have until September 15 to finish. Once you finish, post pictures and we will vote on them for a prize. You do not have to send it to anyone, you get to keep your creation!

PICTURE AND VOTING RULES: To enter, take a before and after picture of the pieces and email me with your name and address and LU CHALLENGE in the subject line. This will ensure that all entries will be private. DO NOT POST THE PICTURES TO THE GROUP! We want to shock, oops, I mean surprise everyone with your entries. I will have a list of entries just to keep it in order. When the voting is finished, the entries will be posted online with the fabrics and their creation. The group as a whole will decide the winners and that will be announced on September 30. Each category will have a first and second place and prizes will be announced and awarded closer to the deadline. I will be sending out the prizes after the voting.

1. Most original
2. Best camouflaged
3. Craziest idea

From the two 10 inch pieces let’s see what you can create. All items must be finished, quilted and binding added. No limit on size, design, or project that you make, but it must be quilted. You have 2 options. You can use both pieces together and create something or just use one piece, but 60% must be in the project and you can only use 2 other fabrics.

This is not a swap, it is a challenge. They are yours to keep and to do with as you please.
Have fun creating!

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As promised, here are the instructions. Remember that you have 5 colors to work with, Blue, Green, Red or Orange, Black, and Purple. I am going with solid or a print that reads solid and bold. There are 8 parts to the block you will need to create and keep separate.
Blue: 2 x 2 inch cut 48
Black: 2 x 2 inch cut 84
Green: 2 x 2 inch cut 24
Orange: 2 x 5 inches, cut 24
Orange: 2 x 5 inches, cut 12 Keep separate from other orange
Purple: 2 x 5 inches, cut 24
Yellow: 2 x 5 inches, cut 24
Orange: 2 x 3.5 inches, cut 12
Black: 2 x 3.5 inches, cut 12
Purple: 2 x 6.5 inches, cut 24
Orange: 2 x 6.5 inches, cut 12
Green: 2.38 inches, cut 24
Blue: 2.38 inches, cut 12
Cut both colors diagonally for half square triangle.
Blue: 5.38 inches, cut 24, then diagonally for half square triangle.
Green: 2 x 3.78, cut 12 and then cut at 45 degree angle on one side.
Green: 2 x 3.78, cut 12 and then cut at 45 degree angle on the opposite side.

I have a quilt show that I will be working the rest of this week and I will be back on Wednesday, March 23, with how to put it together. Have fun cutting. See you soon!

I went shopping this morning at Joann’s and bought this for the quilt courtesy of my Dad. Isn’t it sumptuous?  IMG_2074

Sewing Instructions

Part 1

Are we up for a challenge?  I am using Nancy Cabot’s Geese in Flight pattern, an antique pattern from 1933,  and there are no written instructions available, at least that I can find, but I believe we can make it work with a little playing with what we have.   I did not realize that until after I had cut my pieces but using the grid that I have available, but I know that we can figure out the puzzle.  Please, if you find a mistake or have an idea, let me and the group know!  For those who have Block Base by EQ, you can find the pattern under Flying Geese or #4127.  Make sure that you have it set for 12 inches.

Okay, now that we have our pieces cut, it is important to keep the groups in order as this block is a little tricky and you will be using all the colors in one block.  I forgot to put my yellow in the picture, so you have 6 colors.   There are 12 blocks in total, but let’s just do one for now to make sure that it works.  While you get the groups in order, I will be setting up.  Be back at 11 a.m.

Sorry it took so long to get back, I had to babysit for a little while.

Anyway, here is how the first section of the block should look.  I still have to sew it together.  The rest is how the block progresses.  It is a 12 x 12 inch block.  I love the way it looks!  Hope  you enjoy it.  Will post later this evening after I get it sewn together!IMG_2141 (2) IMG_2140 (2)

IMG_2142 (2) IMG_2143 (2) IMG_2144 (2)



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Quilt Show Entries

Here are a few finishes from this month. The first one is Snowman, a BOM from the guild and will be in the show next month.


The second one is a sampler from many years ago from another group. This was going to be in the show, but it had issues with the back and pleats, so I decided against it.


The third one is almost finished, just need to do a little more quilting, binding, sleeve and label. It is a Purse Swap from another group and all blocks are signed with their name and hometown.


The last one is the Round Robin that I just got back and am in the process of deciding how to embellish it. I hope to have it done by the end of the week so that I can work on getting stuff ready for the quilt show. This and the one before will be in the show, too. I am thinking small green ric-a-rac for vines and then appliqueing leaves in between the outside flowers. I found some butterflies to be appliqued in my stash and I decided to use those along the border and in between the flowers. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually matched! What a great find. Not sure if I am going to do a solid border on the outside to finish it off or if I want to repeat the colors in a piano key or small squares and then a solid border. I am going to do dragonflies in a few of the corners and then a meandering stitch with flowers to quilt it.


Anyway, that is what I have been up to here lately. Chat later.

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This is a link on how to avoid being attacked.  It’s full of information that may save your life.

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The San Joaquin Valley Quilt Guild presents Springtime in The Valley 2016 Quilt Show from March 19-20 at the Golden Palace in Fresno. Please tell your friends. For more information, please feel free to contact SJVQ Show

PS: I will be entering 4 of my quilts this year!

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GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE! What a wonderful day to be sewing, cool and crisp outside but warm inside with the machine humming away!  We have 1,039 members already! WOW! And I am hoping that we will have a lot to offer our members and that they will feel free to join in! We have had a few questions about ongoing and upcoming swaps, so let’s see what is going on right now.  First, here is a listing of what is going on now and are not swap related.  For more information, please check events and the Guidelines file for swapping.

UFO CHALLENGE 2016: This is open to all members who have UFOs hiding that simply need to be finished.  Please list your 11 scariest UFOs in EVENTS under UFO Challenge, and the number that is called will be the one to work on for that month.  Please be sure to number them.  Person with the first photo of a finished UFO, bound and quilted, (unless another form of sewing that is permissible) will receive a FQ from my personal stash and have the honor of calling the number for the next month.  So far, we have had a winner for February and January, but still send in your picture and you have the chance of your picture being the banner picture for the group.  Just send in the picture to my email, and the group will vote on their favorite.  If you find that you have already finished a UFO before the number was called or just don’t want to work on it, please change the name of the UFO under the number.  The whole point is to finish what we have!

BUST THE BITS AND PIECES PARTY:  This is a way to use up those small scraps that have a tendency to breed while we are sleeping.  Every so often, I will post some fun, fast and easy links on ways to use up scraps.  If you have a link you want to share, please do so.  It is open to everyone and is designed to use up those pesky little pieces.

MYSTERY QUILT:  Coming in March. Start watching for clues for fabric requirements on February 14.  This is one of my original designs and has not been named yet.


ROUND ROBIN: We almost have all our Robins back in the roost, just a few more left. This started last spring and is coming to an end. We may start it up again later but we have to wait until this one is finished first.

POOR QUILTER’S SWAP: This is a String Block swap that started in January and will be finished by the end of March. But not to worry, since it is a popular swap, 2 separate groups for this round, we will be taking signups in April for another swap to start in May. That one will be finished by the end of July.  That gives everyone 2 months to finish their blocks. 



SQUARE DANCE SWAP:  The signup deadline is March 31, 2016 and will start on April 1, 2016.  The end date is open as it will take at least 12 to 16 months to finish depending on the number of players.  It is called a square dance as you will be changing partners throughout the swap, but keeping your same fabric choices.  I will have a list of easy blocks to choose from, everyone will choose that block and keep it for the remainder of the swap.  As you work down the list, you send a swatch of fabric to that month’s partner, she makes a block that she chose, and sends it back to you.  By the end of the swap, you should have 6 or 12 blocks, depending on the number of players, ready to be put together into a top.  I am allowing 4-6 weeks for each round and that is why it will take so long.  In the long run, just think of the gorgeous blocks you will get back and the chance to make them for our fellow quilters.

*By the way, when looking in Past Events, you will notice a swap idea called Twisted Sampler.  I changed the name to Square Dance Swap as I liked the name better.



 If you are looking for something new to try, how about this?  Choose a block that you want to do and challenge the rest of the group.  It can be appliqué, paper pieced, embroidery or regular piecing.  To sign up, post your name, a few links of the block or technique, and email it to me at  You choose your own fabrics as it is not a swap, but a challenge, and if you choose to pass on the block, you can do so.  We can do a vote on the size later.  Rules are easy.  Choose a block, any style, but should be the same size for uniformity of the quilt, send the info to me, and I will choose a pattern.  You have one month to finish and then we go on to the next block.  Sounds easy and fun!  Sew, join in!  When it’s your turn to choose a block, try to think outside the square and let us all try something new – paper piecing, appliqué, etc- rather than plain blocks. But if you wish to choose a plain block, well………..we may need them too. 
I think this should keep us busy for a while. Will post more later.

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SIGN UP DEADLINE: March 31, 2016

START DATE:  April 1, 2016


I have extended the deadline to give everyone a chance to sign up.

LIMIT:  12 Players for a full year for a total of 12 blocks or 6 Players for 6 months for a total of 6 blocks, or 2 rounds each player for 12 blocks total. Because of the cost of postage, the swap is limited to the United States.  Block size is 9 inches.

Here is how the swap should work.  Please read completely for full details.  In order to sign up, please send the following information to me at

  1. Your name and address.
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your color choice such as red floral with cream background as an example.

Your partner for the month will have that time period (4 weeks) to make your block using coordinating fabric and she has the option of choosing her favorite method; it can be appliqué, pieced or whatever is comfortable for her but it has to use your swatch.  She returns the block to you and you then go to the next person on the list until the list is finished.

DETAILS:  Each player starts off with one partner and then works their way down the list until you reach the end of the list.  (If 6 players, then you would repeat for a second round or you can opt out.)

COMMITMENT:  There is some commitment to this swap and also to your theme or color.  Everyone will choose their colors/theme and your partner will make a block within 4 weeks.  Once the block comes back, you go to the next player and repeat, until you have reached the end of the list and you will have the beginnings of a new quilt! Think of it as a variation on a round robin, everyone has a chance to play and create.  Please note that if we go with 12 blocks, this will take longer to finish, possibly 18 months, as it will take time for mailing, sewing and then mailing again.  I estimate and hope for a month for each partner to finish.  Of course, if we go with 6 players, it will not take as long for the swap to complete.  Please read the swap guidelines very carefully on fulfilling swap rules.

PLAYERS:  This is going to be where the square dance comes in.  Everyone will send their fabric choices to me in the email to sign up.  Once the sign up is closed, everyone will receive a list of the players with their choices.  The person at the top of the list will send to the second person, the second person to the third, and so on, until we have gone down the list completely and then the swap will be over.

Thank you for playing!

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Scrappy Quilters Welcome

Welcome to our new members!  My, we have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few weeks and we are happy to have you join us!

As you can see, our page is a little bit of a mess at the moment and I am intending to clean it up by letting you know what our group has to offer!   If you go to files, you will find General Guidelines for Swaps, and A Welcome Letter in there.  Please feel free to browse and ask questions.E

What do we offer in the way of activities or swaps, you may ask.  Right now we have, we have the Round Robin that is open until April 15.  It is not too late!  You can go here for more info:  ROUND ROBIN 2015.

We have a Once A Week, Keep Your Own Block that features a regular block and a Paper Pieced block that you make and keep for yourself.  It is not intended to be made as a quilt but just to challenge and stretch our capabilities in learning new techniques and skills.  More info here at:  ONCE A WEEK KEEP YOUR OWN BLOCK, 2015.  Of course, if you wish, the complete set for 2014 is available.

We also have the 2015 UFO Challenge.  Each participant has a chance at winning a FQ from my stash if they are the first finisher for the month.  More info here at: 2015 UFO LIST.

We are also starting/finishing (depending on how fast you sew) a Mystery Quilt called Spring.  The pattern is called Plaid and can be found at quilters cache at:  It’s a fun, fast and easy pattern, hope you enjoy it too!

We are also doing a poll on doing a Lottery Block with a block called Pineapple without the paper piecing.  It is a time consuming block but a lot of fun. We just ask you to do one or two blocks for the lottery and whoever wins the pot, gets all the blocks.  Here is the link to see if you are interested or not:

But most of all, we are here to offer support, friendship and help!  Thank you for joining our group!

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A quilt made by fellow quilters.


HOW TO SIGN UP:  Please sign up by emailing me at with RR2017 in the subject line, your name, address, phone number, and email.  When the swap is filled, then I will PM everyone along with a list.   You will be always sending to the same person until finished.  The list will be posted after the swap closes.

SIGN UP DEADLINE:  February 28, 2017  


 WHAT IS A ROUND ROBIN? A round robin is usually a 12 inch block that is sent to a set number of people who then take turns adding borders to the block.  It is then sent back to the owner as a finished top.  This is a chance to be creative by using different techniques, such as borders, blocks, appliqué, etc.

DUE DATE FOR BORDERS:  To be announced after we have at least 5-7 signups.  From there on, quilt tops will be due on the first of the month and you will have two (2) months to complete your round. Hopefully, the tops will be finished within a year but do understand that things do happen that can delay it.  When you finish your center block, please post a picture as we love to share and also for insurance reasons in case of problems. 


  1. Each quilt top should start with a 12.5 square block.   It can be any style or color you would like, it’s your choice.  Please include scraps and a vision of what you want to see your top become.  Please include a journal for others to write in as it is fun to see where it has traveled and its transformation.   Please post photos as we go along.
  1.  It is up to the person receiving the top to decide on an appropriate border to go around the center block.  Please make sure that it complements the colors the maker has chosen and styles that will match.  There will be as many rounds as there are players so that everyone has a chance to create.
  1. When sending the quilt top along, please make sure that it is INSURED AND THAT THERE IS TRACKING ON THE PACKAGE, as we don’t want anything to happen to our creations.   Also make sure it is Flat rate shipping.   Please send on the first of the month.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU POST TO THE GROUP YOUR TRACKING NUMBER, YOUR NAME, WHO IT WAS SENT TO, AND DATE SENT.  
  1. If you find that you are having problems keeping up with the rounds, please let me know so that we can help you keep up.  If we do have problems, the date can be pushed back to help, but you have to let me know ASAP! Remember, we cannot help you unless you ask for help. IF YOU BACK OUT OR DROP OUT AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SWAP, OR DO NOT RESPOND WHEN CONTACTED AFTER 3 ATTEMPTS, AND WITHOUT LETTING ME OR ANYONE ELSE KNOW, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM SWAPPING!
  1. Please keep pets and smoking to a minimum as we do have members that have allergies.  Use only good quality cotton and your best sewing techniques.  Be creative and have fun with the quilt but make sure that it complements the quilt

Thank you for playing along!

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All entries are now in and the challenge is now closed.
VOTING: Starts today, Saturday, September 17 and will close on September 30. Directions are listed on page 1.

CATEGORIES: Please one vote per category.


PRIZES: There will be first, second and third prizes for all categories:
FIRST PRIZE: Quilt book
SECOND PRIZE: A bundle of 5 coordinating fat quarters
THIRD PRIZE: Free downloadable pattern

Prizes will be awarded according to the number of votes and on October 1, the winners will be announced. Prizes will be mailed out shortly after the voting.

Tell your friends and family!


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All entries are now in and the challenge is now closed.

VOTING: Will begin on Saturday, September 17 and will close on September 30. A link will be posted on Saturday morning and will be ready. This is to give me time to create the poll.

CATEGORIES: Please one vote per category.




PRIZES: There will be first, second and third prizes for all categories:
FIRST PRIZE: Quilt book
SECOND PRIZE: A bundle of 5 coordinating fat quarters
THIRD PRIZE: Free downloadable pattern

Prizes will be awarded according to the number of votes and on October 1, the winners will be announced. Prizes will be mailed out shortly after the voting.

Tell your friends and family!

NOTE: Due to poll limitations, before pictures of the fabric will be posted after the voting along with the winners.

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